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Austin Matthews grabs the playoff spotlight for Maple Leafs


Toronto Maple Leaf Center Othon Matthews celebrates his goal with team members like Boston Bruins and Brad Brad Marchand skating by the second playoffs operation in Toronto on Monday, 15 April 2019.

Nathan Dent / Canadian Press

Three years after being recruited by the Toronto Maple Leafs, Oston Matthews arrived in Toronto on Monday night.

Although every opportunity was given to do so, the Lips did not lose. Brains, the fugitives, obeyed all Canadian laws with regard to robbery and illegal assaults. Special teams of Leafs appeared. The pace slowed to mid-November, mid-May. There was no end-of-period breakdown.

Unusually, Matthews was the offensive star. From a Toronto perspective, the sun was not set on Monday. It was daylight all evening.

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According to his standard, Matthews did not leave an extraordinary status sheet – purpose and assistance.

But according to his playoff standard, it was Darryl Sittler running back to amok when the goalkeeper pads were not the size of the sofa cushions.

It was only the second time Matthew had scored more than one point in the game after the game. That was the first goal of the series. And – most certainly the most important – this is not one, not two, but three "real merchandise" from coach Mike Babcock.

"Real good legs", "real good defense" and one "really good" about his play. Babcock will not only give the "real merchandise" (unless you ask it any question on any subject at any time).

Speaking of monotony and 2x fixed speed that all NHLers now use, Matthews played this cool afterwards.

"It's definitely clear to get one," he said. "It's just another level when you get one in the playoffs."

Despite the real effort to destroy banality, it was hard to win. Matthews must know that he has some work to do in the heart and brain area. Monday was a tremendous aid.

(Even a headline dodger was achieved as the dust hit it: "He's a proud guy … probably relieved him a lot of pressure").

At this point, Matthews needs to be a clear favorite on this team. But you'll have a hard time putting it in the first three.

Juice & amp; Marner is new and growing. John Tavares is older than a pedigreed. Morgan Rielly is more articulate and everymanish. Frederic Andersen never says anything, and it's the most reliable way to get people to love you. Matthews is the guy who is good when it is not considered, but may still be great later. He is the star of Toronto Reserves. No one is on the fence for his talent, but many are still in the same place when it comes to his ability to force the subject.

The irony is that there is no hockey city on the continent where it is easier to make people fall in love.

You can see everyone at the scene of Scottyabank doing it on Monday night. It's just one game, and a narrow score of 2-3. No one in blue-white did anything. But no one did anything with a head-on or a crazy mind. In Toronto, "no-idiot" is considered the Hall of Fame potential.

During their normal split (ie, holding lead at any point in the third period), the leaf was raised. They seemed to be gathering, and Boston looked confused.

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When asked later what exactly he liked about Toronto's recent play, Riley said, "Well, we won."

When the mirror turned out to be half a dozen faces, it was not wide enough, Riley walked into the field.

But he's right.

In other hockey towns, people are looking for something special in their heroes. In Toronto, just win once at a time and you get at least a layer.

It's the city that treats Mates Sandin as if he were Bobby Or, just a little more Swedish.

This club that created "Legends Row", and put 14 guys on it, announced it was full.

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The team is around 100 years old. Fourteen does not seem much.

Do you think Montreal Kennedy will stop at 14? They will hold open talks at the colleges for sculptures.

That's what Matthews is dealing with. His window to Toronto's greatness is more like the rift in time. If it ever takes a proper hold, this is not the generation. It's about every one of them returns forever.

First things first, score some goals in the playoff series. Two things second, to win the playoff series. After that, it's negotiable. For now.

Lips has a 2-1 lead in the series. They took home an ice edge. After Nazem Kadri's suspension, the series seems to have been biased by the brutality of Game 2.

One assumes that this means it will be using nail sticks and stick open warfare in game 4. It is certainly hard to imagine the Bruins being passive two games in a row. They can not help but be what they are. At this point, how ugly he gets up to officials.

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But if this is the new level of violence that everyone has agreed to play, it can quickly become a series of Matthews.

The question is – how good does he want to be?

Well, really good or really, straight to God, something bigger than the low-bar-of-Toronto good?

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