Monday , January 25 2021

BC Housing Rental Mission Report Report recommends to prohibit renovations

The rental staff of the Beach Government hired the submitted his final report, which says that he intended to make the housing of the rental housing system.

"We are pleased to be able to present our recommendations for transformation by the government," said Spencer Andre Herbert, Chairman of the MLA Rental Housing Mission for Vancouver West End.

Nadra Herbert presented the report to Selena Robinson, minister of municipal affairs and housing, "We worked together to provide balanced recommendations that would make our rental laws better and more equitable for all those involved."

After traveling to 11 communities around BC to hear from tenants and landowners – as well as stakeholders – the task force identified 23 recommendations for new or amended legislation or regulation.

Some of these recommendations include:

  • Closing the lease gap for a fixed period of time and canceling the geographic increase clause;
  • Strengthening of protections for homeowners who were manufactured;
  • Offering stronger protection to tenants from renovations or demolitions;
  • Increasing penalties for fines to prevent unwanted short-term rental activity;
  • Providing $ 6.8 million over three years to the residential housing industry to improve services;
  • Introducing legislation zoning construction give local governments the ability to preserve and increase the overall rental supply.

In making these recommendations, Adam Olsen, a member of the Task Force and MLA for Saanich North and the island, said they "carefully examined how all recommendations would affect tenants and homeowners."

Prior to the final report, the Task Force issued preliminary recommendations, which last September took action in these recommendations, which included setting the annual rent to 2.5 percent to allow for a moderate increase in work to improve rental properties.

The Ministry of the Interior and Housing will review the recommendations of the task force in the coming weeks to examine how they may be implemented and discuss recommendations with organizations of key interest.


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