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Big Weekend: Liverpool vs Arsenal, Lucacco, Sanchez, Pep

Game Watch – Liverpool vs Arsenal
It feels like before all life, but it's only 55 days since Arsenal and Liverpool played the 1-1 draw in the Emirates Stadium. The result was that both sides were separated by only four points after 11 games. Eight games later, the gap is now 13 points.

Their shape since meeting last month is indeed different. Liverpool are on a run of eight successive consecutive wins in the Premier League and have their club record 11 firmly in their sights. Arsenal won four games, drawn three and lost one, with their undefeated memory and distant memory. Although Jurgen Klop's protests, They certainly do not race the league title.

They do not have to be either. This stumble has always been unavoidable for either party in transit and struggling with injuries. Midas' touch of Unai Emery has worn out, long-term doubts still linger on many players, familiar mistakes creeping up again. The honeymoon is over, but that does not mean it will not be a successful marriage.

It is simply unfortunate that they approach much further side in their further development, much longer than the much more established tooth in their manager image. Clop's Liverpool never looked so bright; Liverpool as a whole has not been for quite some time either.

Only on three occasions is there a Premier League club that has passed the halfway point of the season without hitting. Arsenal (2003/04), Manchester United (2010/11) and Manchester City (2017/18) All combined with defensive solidity to win the Premier League title, Liverpool are cut from a similar cloth. They conceded at least eight goals less than each side, scoring more than any third place in place.

The lone black mark against Klop's side was up to victory over Manchester United – their record against other members of the Big Six. In the mini league between these teams, Liverpool were the top from 2015/16 to 2016/17. But their gradual transition from chaos to domination saw them fall to the same 5 table from 2017/18 for the current season. The only club under him is Arsenal.

as mentioned 16 Conclusions From the painting of last month: "These games were once the playground of Clop, but he has to remember how to choose people his size if Liverpool succeeds this season." Their last points fell on the Gunners: if they can fix it wrong they will enter 2019 with an advantage of six points at the top.

Players watch – Romelu Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez
Paul Pogba is not the only player he has Do the most Of his clean Manchester United slate. Nemanja Matic and Fred seem to be revitalized at his side, Victor Lindelof is similar to actor Jose Mourinho thought he signed, and Marcus Rashford, C. Lingard and Anthony Martial are enjoying more freedom under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Those eager to offer these players just stopped playing under the previous manager will do well to remember that the manager said they stopped managing the players properly as well. It works both ways.

But some still do not get their second chance. Romelu Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez were not available for galvanizing victories over Cardiff and Huddersfield, so must be desperate to deal with Bournemouth.

Considering the last game of Lukako ended with more yellow cards than shots against Liverpool, and Sanchez was recently seen as a substitute for the second half in his poor tie with Crystal Palace, you can say that much has changed. The handcuffs are no more, nor are the excuses.

The pressure was never higher. United scored eight goals in two games without their most expensive striker and the highest paid player, and they must theoretically accept these elite attackers back to fold with open arms. But Reshford would not give up his central role so easily, whereas Leningrad, Martiel, and Matta had a new life. Lukako and Sanchez must fight more than ever for their opportunities.

Director watch – Pep Guardiola

"We started the season with cleaning sheets, we announced five goals and I did not know how many games.It was amazing how stable it was.We have players to play with the ball and it's not a team built only to protect a lot of time.But you have to make the effort to change the dynamics That. "

Pep Guardiola is running at the speed of time to change the worst defensive dynamics of his entire managerial career. The consequences of the defeat for Lester were twofold: First, Manchester City had not kept a clean sheet in their last nine games-the longest run like this Guardiola ever suffered as a manager. You have to return until October 2008 and the first Spanish of a few months in Barcelona on nine and only nine other games without a clean sheet.

Second, Guardiola has never lost three consecutive league games as coach. He lost twice twice in a row twice in the city, Bayern Munich and Barca, but not three. It is unlikely that South Hampton will complete this trick of the glove girl, and the champions must avoid complacency on St. Mary on Sunday.

After all, Saints gave City quite a moderate time last season. They demanded goals of stopping time to overcome both at home and in place, as Guardiola's side struggled to break stubborn, determined defense. And Nathan Redmond would want to avoid another upgrade from an opposition director.

This side dropped 14 Premier League points last season and has already dropped 13 after 19 games in this campaign. The dominance of Liverpool means margin for error has been tiny. Guardiola walks on a thin line.

Watching Team – Huddersfield
Not only 19 host 20 on Saturday, but the two teams on the longest winless current Premier League runs against each other. Fulham and Huddersfield have two six games without a victory to support the table, and will have their chances of turning things around before the year is out.

Of Fulham New Revelation Durability Can play alongside the Huddersfield party who are engaged in adventure as well as a sleep-deprived grandmother. The ex-expressive cottage has actually had fewer goals (3) than the blunt trippers (4) in their last six games – although a draw with wolves finally lifted them from the table.

But six defeats in the game do not seem to end soon for the Huddersfield, who record a club of league losses in a row at seven. Few were willing to bet on them or adjust them or climb them.

As the middle of the table and the seven shit down at the bottom start a little thin, Dersfield's distress becomes clearer. They already have five drifting points of safety, and time runs out.

This may not be cause for concern in many sides, but terrier must be panic. They have won only three of their last 19 league games in 2017/18, picking up 15 points. Wolves are above them in the calendar year to 2018, and Swansea is still only six points behind. This slide started last season, showing no signs of refreshing this campaign.

Football League Game Watch – Leeds v Hull
Norwich Interior Derby in the game between the two sides who were in the Super League for a combination of 15 of 26 seasons, but never at the same time; Leeds championship leaders face a much more forgiving task on the Allend Road.

The side of Marcelo Bielsa has become even the most faithful of non-believers to students this season. Those who remain unconvinced have surely been converted by back-to-back 3-2 victories through winners at break time. This type of momentum is impossible to produce, just as difficult to resist.

So playing a home against the side at the moment 16, 21 points behind, would normally seem simple. But Hal found some form of their own, won four and withdrew one of their last five league games.

Nigde to Adkins really turned the ship around at KCOM Stadium, with Hal having even held Norwich in a tie at the end of last month. But it will take a huge effort to repeat this achievement against the leaders. Leeds have lost at home once in the league since March, and are busy ensuring that the wheels are fixed on their promotion bandwagon.

European Game Watch – Rangers – Celtic
With more than half of the season gone, there Maybe Be a real title breed brewing in the Scottish Prime Minister. Celtic have won the title with three, eight, two and three left matches respectively in the last four seasons. They'll probably come closer this time.

They're still up, of course. But the gap to second place in the Rangers is three points, although the leaders have a game in hand. Kilmarnock lurks in the shadows, just another point.

If Celtic has foil, there is a feeling that Rangers must win here. The defeat would give Celtic an advantage too big, while painting would be a wasted opportunity. But beating Brendan Rogers would be a psychological blow like anything. Celtic has lost as many league games as Rangers (3), so it's not really as ridiculous as it sounds.

The last time Steven Rard was so engrossed in the title race of Rogers, he lost his legs and his nerve in a spectacular way. If he can stay calm and focused on the task at hand in Ibrox, Rangers has an old chance.

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