Wednesday , September 29 2021

Blue Jays acquire Jose Brios

12:02 PM: The Jays blog announced the trade.

11:31 AM: The Blue Jays and the Twins have a deal to send a right hand Jose Brios To Toronto, reports Ken Rosenthal of Athletic (Link to Twitter). John Morosi of reports The same highest chance of coping Simon Woods Richardson Is part of the consideration. Factor player Austin Martin, The No. 5 overall pick from last summer’s draft, is also traveling to Minnesota, reports Dan Hayes of Athletics.

Contract Brios  Jeffrey Becker-USA

Brios, 27, gives the Blue Jays perhaps the second best pitcher in the summer trade market, trailing only Max Scherzer, Who is expected to join the Dodgers later today. Unlike Scherzer, he can be controlled beyond the 2021 season, as he is only in his second arbitration season. Brios earns $ 6.1 million in 2021 and will need to raise more arbitration this coming winter before reaching free agency with the end of the 2022 campaign.

Brios will join Hyun Jin Ryu And the renewable Robbie Ray On top of the Toronto tour, which consists of what now looks like a huge trio. He is in the midst of one of his best seasons, standing at 3.48 ERA with the highest hitting rate of his career, 25.7 percent, an excellent walking rate of 6.5 percent and a high ball-to-ball rate at the peak of his career. He posted those numbers through 20 starts and a total of 121 1/3 frames, standing out as one of the dwindling number of pitchers in today’s game, averaging six pluses per exit.

Of course, Brios is not just durable for every game. He was one of the most resilient starting balls in the game, throughout his career. He has never been on the injured list in the Premier League and is currently on pace for his fourth consecutive season out of a full opener. He recorded 26 appearances in 2017 — the last season selected for minors — and has since made 32 starts, 32 starts, 12 starts (full load in the 60-game season last year) and 20 starts so far in 2020.

During this time, he never posted an ERA above 4.00 and pinned to a level of 3.76 overall with 24.2 percent strike and 7.2 percent walking. Barrios may not really be Ace at the highest level of Sayyang, but he is consistent and durable no less than a second / third starter.

The Blue Jays paid a steep price to purchase a year and a half of the same consistency. Martin, the No. 5 overall pick last year, was seen by many in the industry as the best round player in the draft. It was a legitimate surprise when he slipped beyond the No. 2 general pick and fell to Jayce with the fifth pick. He is currently ranked as the No. 16 potential in the game on, No. 21 in Baseball America and No. 23 in the FanGraphs.

Martin starred in Vunderbilt in college and reached 368 / .474 / .532 in his college career. The Jays immediately dropped him to Double-A to start in 2021, his first professional season, and it doesn’t look like he missed a win. In 250 plate appearances, Martin released .281 / .424 / .383 with a pair of homers, ten pairs, two threes and nine stolen bases. He went on a heartfelt clip of 14.8 percent versus a 21.2 percent strike. This batting line is 32 percent better than the league average in a double-environment A-friendly pitcher, according to the wRC + index.

The main question about Martin is simply one where he will play. He split his time evenly between shortstop and center-back in a double-a this season. During the draft, some scouts asked if he could stay on the short court in the professional ball, but the Jays gave him that opportunity. Even if shortstop is not his ultimate home on the diamond, however, most viewers’ reports of the 22-year-old Martin agreeing that his athleticism will translate into a third base, field center or second base. The general expectation around Martin is that it will be constant above average regardless of where it sits on the diamond.

Woods Richardson had a tougher season as a member of Martin’s team in Double A, but he is only 20 years younger at almost five years of the average age of his competitors at that level. He entered a season considered by many to be the top 100 potential, and while he has dropped down the American Baseball list following the draft, he is still ranked 49th on the FanGraphs and 68th on

The Jays initially acquired Woods Richardson from the Mets in a shipped trade Marcus Struman To Queens. He started 11 chances in New Hampshire this season and posted a 5.76 ERA, though that number inflated an average of .359 on balls per game and an unusually low strand rate. Woods-Richardson went too many hits (12.8 percent) but also managed to pull out a third of his opponents so far this year. Woods Richardson is away from the club at the moment, playing for the U.S. team on the Olympics (as well as new chances for the acquired twins. Joe Ryan).

FanGraphs’ Eric Longhagen writes that Woods Richardson works with both four-sea and two-sea, and also praises the change of the right and its ball shape. The report praised Woods Richardson’s move as the best in Toronto’s system, and the general consensus on the right is that if he can add a little speed as he continues to fill, it has No. 2 or No. 3 opening implications.

It’s an impressive move for the Twins, though the organization should be disappointed that the season has come to that. Minnesota entered the year as a central AL center champion and hopeful contenders, but its season got out of hand early and has yet to recover. This has caused the front office to turn around to what appears to be an accelerated change of staff.

The twins still have an impressive crop of controllable punches, and the additions of Martin, Woods Richardson, Ryan and Drew Strutman In the first two professions of the holiday season they were awarded four top junior talents that could impact the club until 2022 (perhaps 2023, in the case of Woods Richardson). Farewell to Brios means offering the best presenter the organization has developed in more than a decade, but they hope the latest influx of talent quickly completes their foundation of young hits and produces another arm or two of Brios’ caliber. .

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