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Born in Sault native Korneluk called Order of Canada

Dr. Robert Cornellook was named as a member of the Order of Canada, and for the first time a scientist at the CHEO Research Institute received the honor of CHEO, a veteran CHEO researcher who contributed to breakthroughs in international health sciences.


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OTTAWA – A long-standing CHEO researcher who has contributed breakthroughs in the international health sciences is one of the new appointments of the Order of Canada.

Lt. Col. Lee Fate appointed Salt S. Marie-born Dr. Robert Korneluk as a member of the Order of Canada, for the first time a scientist at the CHEO Research Institute received the honor.

Cornellock's appointment is to identify his "contribution to immunotherapy research and diagnostic clinical service laboratories as a molecular geneticist," according to the quote.

Clinical trials based on the immunotropic approach by Cornellock's team are continuing in Ottawa and other parts of the world.

"I am particularly proud of my group's efforts to translate these basic findings into potential promising treatments for cancer patients," Cornelok said in a written statement published by CHEO.

Korneluk, who started at the CHEO Research Institute in 1985, led a team that found the underlying cause of myotonic type 1 degeneration in 1995. In 1995, his team discovered a family of genes that control apoptosis, which is cell death.

The work has led to more discoveries by Cornlock and international researchers in the areas of cancer, diabetes and cerebral degeneration.

The praise flowed from senior officials at the Research Institute and the Children's Hospital.

Dr. Martin Osmond, Director General and Director of the Scientific Research Institute, said Korneluk has an "amazing impact" on the organization at the national level.

"In addition to the discovery of new mechanisms of genetic diseases and a new family of genes and cell survival to inform cancer treatment, years of devotion, cooperative approach and mentoring of students, apprentices and young researchers combine to create a truly impressive legacy," Osmond said. "We are pleased that he receives this honor and celebrates this recognition with all our colleagues, family and friends."

Alex Munter, President and CEO of CHEO, said, "You just can not fit Dr. Cornluck's passion and drive to help children with cancer."

Korneluk is also a distinguished professor at the University of Ottawa.

He has received several other awards in his career, including the McLaughlin Medal from the Royal Society of Canada, the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ottawa of Excellence, the General Governor of the 125th Anniversary Commemorative Medal of Canada and the Ottawa Life Sciences Scientific Research Award.

The governor-general announced 103 appointments to Canada's Canada on Thursday. A ceremony will be held at a later date.

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