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4:39: Morton will be paid straight salaries of $ 15 million to all Punkard's HaymanVia Twitter). The deal includes allocation grants if Morton is traded, worth $ 1 million in 2019 and $ 500,000 in 2020.

3:03: The horns agree on a deal with the right hand Charlie Morton, According to Paul Morusi's (Twitter link). Mark Topkin of Tampa Bay Times Reporting Earlier today, that Morton and Karni were close to a deal, and the first reported on the interest between the two sides Earlier this week.

Morton, a customer of Sporting Sporting, will earn $ 30 million on the bi-annual contract, according to Yahoo Sports. The deal also includes an option for the 2021 season that can be worth up to 15 mm if Morton remains healthy, although can also be as low as $ 1mm if Morton suffer significant injury during the first two years. MLBTR ranked Morton 14th in our list of top 50 offseason Morton projected free agents for two years, a $ 32MM commitment, so it can greatly exceed the figure needed for this year and this option will be realized in full amount.

Charlie Morton

Although $ 30 million guaranteed in guaranteed money is not a huge sum for most free agent standards, it is considered a big difference by spending costs, but the club was able to explain the extra expenses after a season that saw them in millions of clear books in long-term commitments . Even better for the horns, they were able to cut wages while still fielding their most competitive team in years, boasting a young roster that won 90 games in 2018. It's progress left and Tampa is ready to spend a little extra hoping to make a full push at the postseason post next season.

Morton, 35, has enjoyed a career awakening since he arrived in Astros before the 2017 season and employed a new philosophy of pitching that focused more on striouts and gave more speed. The oldest has 3.36 ERA, 10.4 K / 9, and 3.19 K / BB rate over 313 2/3 Houston uniform innings, a point that included a key role in the World Championships of the Astros Championship 2017 and Morton's first all-Star Star career in 2018. The veteran has recorded 6.3 FWAR in the last two years, compared with 7.8 fWAR during the first nine seasons with Braves, Pirates and Phyllis.

Astros did not issue a one-year offer to Morton, although they offered the operator a one-year contract with an option in the second year. Rangers were another well-known suitor, and presumably some other clubs had a Morton interest in view of his recent success and the fact that he could be signed for a short-term deal. Morton made the impression that he could retire soon and he was not looking for a long-term commitment, although he seemed to be putting on thorns for at least two more seasons. Morton had also expressed interest in returning to Houston or joining a team closer to his wife's family in Delaware, so the east coast of Reyes might have had some effect, even if Tampa Bay and Delaware were not exactly in close proximity.

Morton now joins the AL Cy Young winner Blake Snell and Tyler Glassano As only three conventional starters rotate the horns, as a manager Kevin Cash Said that the team will continue to use the "opener" at least twice during each round of rotation. Although the rays used very regular openings in 2018 (even on a daily basis during the summer, while Snell was on the DL), adding an older arm like Morton to cover rounds provides some additional cushion to the relief corps as it prepares for another significant workload.

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