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Does Anna Duggar have more children?

Josh Duggar and family | Anna incubates through Instagram

Josh Duggar, the old friend of the Duggar family, married his wife, Anna Keller, in 2008. Since then, the couple has seen their share of ups and downs; and many of these jumps include the number of their children. But now that the couple's marriage looks good, will they have more children?

And Anne and Dougger began courting more than a decade ago

When 19 children and counting Gosh Hogger, then twenty-five, courted Anna Keller. The couple met back in 2006 at home schooling when they were both teenagers. Both parents' groups were delighted that two had been courting (Anna's parents were as conservative as a gosh). About two years later, the couple formally married, and the wedding was shown on the second season of the show. The two also noted in the chapter that they would leave the number of their children to God. Both Gosh and Anna grew up in large families, and both said they would welcome as many children as God wanted them to have.

But big marriage problems arose with Ashley Madison's Ashley and sex abuse scandals

While the couple's relationship seemed happy for a while, until 2015, things began to fall apart. Rumors about sexual abuse of friends and family as a boy began to surface; Botton broke the story that broke the life of the incubators. About the same time, Gosh and Ashley Madison's profiles were discovered. (Ashley Madison is a site his wife uses to find things). He shook off the couple's marriage, as well as the whole family, and no one felt pain like Anna.

After spending time rebuilding their marriage, the couple blessed their fifth child

Wosh admitted cheating in a statement posted on the family's Web site only a few months after dealing with a sexual abuse scandal. Despite all the broken trust between him and his wife, Anna did not want to end their marriage. Instead, the couple withdrew from the limelight and chose to work on their marriage to try to rebuild the trust they had lost. In a blog post about two years later, Anna said the couple spent a lot of time rebuilding the situation.

"For almost the past two years, we have worked quietly to save our marriage, focus on our children, and rebuild our lives as a family," Anna wrote. The couple announced that they were expecting a fifth child. "Beauty comes from ashes," Anna said of the new pregnancy announcement. She was born in September 2017.

Adults do not believe in preventing pregnancy, so more children are on the horizon

Now that the marriage of Duggars seems to be in a good place, they probably have more children. The Dogar family does not believe in contraception, and neither are they different. The two said in the first place that they want as many children as God has in store for them. Even though the marriage is going through a great deal of trouble, the couple seems much happier today. We can assume it's only a matter of time before they announce Anna's sixth pregnancy.

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