Tuesday , January 26 2021

Edmonton Oilers in Winnipeg

The Oilers are going to Winnipeg riding on four wins in the season-long streak which is the longest. Here are your game day notes.

1. The last time the Airlers played at the Tess, they had a time schedule for a flight from Boston to Edmonton and then from Edmonton to Fargo, North Dakota before going to Winnipeg because Winnipeg had no airport. Instead of passing the customs three times in a 24-hour interval, Oilers decided this time to fly over Winnipeg and parachute into the city.

2. The last game of Oilers against the Jets represented a spark and turning point at the start of the season. The Oilers were 1-2 with back-to-back losses kick the season and the ugly win over Rangers. They were down 4-1 heading into the third period but Connor Mac will win them back for a win overtime. This victory seemed like a turning point as the Oilers would go 6-3-1 over their next 10 games, but then a six-piece loss in seven games ended up costing Todd McLellan his job.

3. Since the hiring of Ken Hitch, the Owlers are 8-2-1. One of these losses came at overtime when Edmonton blew lead against Anaheim with a few seconds left and one of them arrived when Connor McCall was the flu and did not play in Dallas. It was only three times during Cook's time that Oilers allowed him more than three goals in the game. One of them was against the Kings and two of the five scored were in an empty grid, one was against the stars in the above game where McDavid did not play, and one was Tuesday's win in Colorado when Avs scored two late goals because the game was already outright.

4. Of course, a lot of this is rooted in overall team improvement and commitment to defense, but Edmonton's goal has been largely excellent under Hitch. Cam Talbot has a .925 percent save in three games in the Hitchcock era while Mikko Koskinen has a .936 percent stake in eight games.

5. The owner flies a pretty similar 7-3 record to the Oilers in their last 10 games. They are currently riding two games with a big win with big wins over the Pliers and Blackhawks where they are combined to score 13 goals. The Jets were shocking all season. Only once did they cut back to back. It came back in late November, when they lost to Calgary and Minnesota. Otherwise, the Jets do not lose this season.

6. While the Jets had a strong start to this year, there is no doubt their schedule has made life easier on them. They played about a third of their games against bottom-ground teams like St. Louis, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Jersey and Philadelphia. In these games, they are 9-1. In their other 20 games against teams is not terrible, they are 10-8-2, which is far from bad, but it is not indicated either.

7. Key Winnipeg do good against good teams and eventually take the plunge to Stanley Cup and the rival is Connor Hellebuyck. He had a bad start this season but improved at the end. He owns a .946 percentage keep in December over four starts and it's a massive improvement over .904 keeping a percentage he had 19 starts before then. Jets need December Hellebuyck to be Hellebuyck they get the rest of the season.

8. Jets also boast a lot of offensive firepower. They are ranked fifth in the league with 107 goals to 30 games. A lot of it comes from playing a dominant force that has scored about 30.3 percent of odds so far this season. Patrick Laine has 10 out of 21 goals in his season on advantage and the man looks like Alex Ovechkin young waiting at the top of the circles for one timer.

9. In the final game, the Oilers gave the second division of the second (behind Winnipeg) power to play Six Various opportunities, but managed to kill five of them. Avs failed to convert in what was a special teams matching matchup between an elite strength game and a medium penalty kill. If you play with fire long enough, you will get burned. It would be best if the Oilers could stay out of the box for one against fighter jets.

10. Speaking of Laine, I wonder what kind of contract he will end up signing this off-season. This summer of batch of free free agents is an interesting one. We only hear about Austin Matthews and Mitch Marner, but there's also Matt Takachuk, who is Calgary's best player, Laine, who may be the best scorer in the league, and Miko Rentanan, who will win this year at Art Ross. Laine is on the pace of 57 goals and 10 million after the ELC deal is out of the question.

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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 12/13/2018 – 8:00 MT

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