Thursday , July 29 2021

Engine Failure Air Force Flight Canada to return to Calgary on Christmas Eve

An Air Canada flight from Calgary on Christmas Eve had to turn around and make an emergency landing after one of its engines failed.

AC223, who left Calgary at 5:40. On the way to Vancouver, she turned in the middle of the flight after turning off an unexpected engine. He landed safely at YYC and the passengers were restored on later flights.

Sung Salem from Portland, Oregon, who was on the flight, said the passengers alerted the cabin crew to the problem when they saw what looked like engine fire on the left side.

"There was a family on the left side and the lady looked out the window and said," The engine is on fire, "Salem said." Two ladies sitting around looked really worried. I think the friend, too, was worried – we just tried not to show it. "

Salem added that the pilot had arrived at the PA system a few minutes later to say that the flight had returned to Calgary. He said the rest of the flight, including the landing, was smooth and eventless.

Air Canada spokeswoman Isabel Arthur, who confirmed the incident, said the engine had never caught fire. However, when it is closed, passengers may have noticed a "flame out" similar to a backfire car engine.

"We understand it may have been disturbing, however, our teams are fully trained to manage such situations," Arthur said by email. "The plane landed normally and went to the gate."

Transfer Canada is checking the event.

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