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Fans to commemorate Skyrim plays Granny in the Elder Scrolls 6


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This will not be the first time that the headquarters will take such a step.

By Nick Santang Lou

Seven years have passed since the old archery scroll has been released, and now the community wants to see an 82-year-old fan who regularly plays the game included in the next record.

According to Eurogamer, using Reddit Phantom-scribbler started to push Bethesda has to create a version of YouTube's 82-year-old amateur Skyrim and Grandma Shirley Carey in the 6 Elder Scrolls. The petition was inspired by a rather macabre response to Carrie's response to the last month of comments made by Bethesda Vice- Public marketing, which hinted at the Old Man Scrolls 6 may still be a few years away from the liberation.

"Well, I guess it's arranging the bird in my closet, literally!" Curry wrote in a comment that had received thousands of loves. "When Skyrim 6 comes out I'll be 88! So I'm probably not going to play it, so I'm going [quit] Dreaming about it! "

When he saw this, Phantom-scribbler recalled another Elder Scrolls superfan Eric "Immok Slayer" West who died of cancer a few months before Skyrim was released. Bethesda commented by commemorating him in the game as Eric Slayer. Now ghosts want to see Shirley get similar treatment, and he is not alone – more than 9,100 people have upvoted his position.

"How cool would it be to encounter an older Burton who wants to kick a little ass and asks to come with you?" An amused ghostly impression. "Her story is just as perfect as it is, she is a widow twice and she has four children and nine grandchildren, she calls all the grandchildren of her subscribers." So maybe she has a sword that her two husband died in, she calls it a widow. She takes him and puts on her armor, says, "Nu, grandchild / daughter, and you are going to deal with anyone who bothers you."

This post led to another one, itself with over 4,700 upvotes at the time of writing, and a community call for the Curry Mod for Skyrim. Within this, a phantom-scribbler claimed to be in contact with Carey, who allegedly gave permission to get her imagination and audio clips from YouTube being used.

Naturally, the next step was a petition, which now has 3,500 signatures attached to it but does not seem to have provoked a response from Bethesda to date.

Bethesda first teased the Old Scrolls 6 that E3 previously. It is believed that the game will debut on next-generation consoles, which seem to be on track for the 2020 launch.

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