Sunday , January 17 2021

Final Preview or not, Raptors win over showcasing warriors type playoffs – Athletic

OAKLAND – Shortly after 2014 became the 2015, Raptors traveled to the Bay area to play the Golden State Warriors. Raptors were 24-8, while the fighters, who seemed to be making the jump from a very good team to a championship competitor, were 25-5. In the first year of LeBron James in Cleveland, there was no assumption that the Cavaliers would reach the final, as they would eventually make each of the four warriors four consecutive campaigns.

Thus, it was the final final preview at that special time before we began to assume, it is true that the fighters and the LeBrons will meet in June. The reptiles reached a notable loss in Portland, and everything seemed possible. Then they lost 126-105 to the warriors, and Vanas Valencionas ran from the floor – the 10 minutes and 39 seconds of game time were the third least he played in any game like Raptor, with the exception of the year of his recruits. It was a slaughter, especially when you consider the Raptors dug out of …

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