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Formenton is waiting for further tests as the Canada team holds his breath

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TSN reporter Mark Masters checks daily with news and comments about the Canada team, which held training outside the ice (players) and practice (scratches) in the center of Q in Victoria ahead of the evening of scrimmage against all U star sports.

Alex Formenton undergoes further testing to determine the extent of injury to the right knee.

"Alex is upbeat, probably a little more than he was last night," said Sean Bullock, director of the Canadian Hockey Team. "He is in a good mood today and is excited to go into another inspection so that we can know exactly what we are dealing with."

The rapid wing, one of the only two returning players in the camp, suffered an injury during the last hours of the night. He was caught on crutches and wearing knee knives on Thursday.

"This is a standard protocol," Bullock said, "to get away until we get all the tests done."

TSN hockey insider Bob McKenzie has more on Forman's suspected knee strain and what it means to the team here:

There was still no injury to Formanton's injury

There is still no prognosis for the injury of Alex Formenton with the Canada team awaiting another word after further imaging tests Thursday, according to TSN Hockey Insider Bob Mackenzie. Mackenzie joins Mark
Masters to discuss the chances of Formanton being ready to play in two weeks.


Several other wounded, Gabe Willardy and Art Anderson-Dolan, both slipped on Thursday. It was the third consecutive day on ice for both Los Angeles Kings and potential customers.

Vilardi has been dealing with a nagging problem back and has only qualified up to four games this season, all on the latest AHL conditioning. He had a late scratch at the end of the week when he was supposed to slip in the fifth game.

"It's definitely an injury he's been dealing with for some time, but I think he feels more comfortable," Bullock said. "There is no time for Gabe, to be frank with you, we do not know when he will play, we keep making sure he feels more comfortable on the ice and moving in the right direction."

Willardy wore a regular red sweater and took part in exercises with the rest of the actual players on Thursday.

Anderson-Dolan, who broke his wrist in a game with Spokane on October 27, took a bit of light when he was wearing a touch-free blue sweater.

"We just want to make sure we're a bit more careful with that," Bullock explained. "Obviously, it's a bit soft … The first day was handling sticks, the second day was handling sticks, passing and today was getting some shooting."

WJC ice chips: Willardy, Anderson-Dolan are heading towards the return

Los Angeles Kings Prospects & # 39; Gabe Willardy and Art Anderson, Dolan both deal with injuries and will not match Canada's exhibition game tonight. Mark Masters has more on their recovery than why Canada hockey will not be in a hurry for them back.


Michael "Mikey" DiPietro seems to be an early frontrunner in the race to be the goalie of Canada on Boxing Day. Last hurdle in last year's selection camp, Hockey Canada helped DiPetro prepare for this moment by inviting him to the top world championship last spring as the third goalkeeper. While in Denmark he then lay with Maple Leafs back up to Curtis McElhinney. The veteran Netminder has offered some insight into what it takes to deal with the stress of a crazy hockey market.

"Sometimes you can see yourself reading a lot of things and I just forgot to play that way, for myself, it's just focusing my game and the ice and trying to block the noise out there and it certainly gave me strategies for it," DiPietro said. "Obviously, limiting social media, I did it by deleting Instagram and I just needed Twitter and I really did not go for it during the camp throughout the tournament."

McElhinney prospered as the keeper of the Toronto back-up last season despite doing almost all of his beginnings on the second night of back to back. The struggle to stay sharp at all times is something he talked to about Diapitro. For example, McElhinney replaced Frederick Andersen early in the second game of last season's playoff series against Boston after Bruins got started quickly at TD Garden.

"It was a difficult situation and he fought through it," DiPetro said. "That's all you really can do is take that one knock at a time and that's something he does really well in his game and that's something I can translate into my game to build on."

Create a competition in the limelight to Canada tonight

As Canada takes on U Sports All-Stars for the second straight night Thursday, the competition in the fold takes center stage. Michael DiPietro and Ian Scott are the front runners of the goalie point starting from a head-to-head battle to keep their names on top of a depth chart for Canada. Bob Mackenzie joins Mark Masters to discuss this and even more for the evening.


DiPietro has strong numbers this season with a 12-7-1 record and .922 percentage keep, but his main competition in camp was even better. Prince Albert of Ian Scott leads the WHL with a 23-2-1 record and 0.93 percent keep.

Scott, signed by Maple Leafs not tested, played one game in the AHL with Marlies' last season during an experiment, and was able to stay with the team throughout the Calder Cup. Scott describes it as "a giant for my development" and he remains in touch with the battery gotending of the backing Leafs Garret Sparks and Calvin Pickard, now with coyotes. In fact, they talked recently. Does Junior World Come?

"No, it's not about Junior," he said before smiling awkwardly, "just about my goal."

That's right, things are going so well for Scott that the season is actually cracked on a foul score into an empty grid.

"Actually when I was there (with the Marlies), the first game I saw, Picard went to the empty screen and he missed it and I told him I remember it," Scott said with a grin.

So, what is he seeing about his goal?

"I tried it the day before and it went too high and hit the scoreboard so I joked with my coach before the next game and I said, Maybe it just had to be a ball through the middle of the ice, and it worked. "

Scott was not invited to Canada's summer camp for Hope World Junior, but has made great strides since attending the 2017 program of excellence in the goalkeeper.

"I'm a lot more relaxed on the net," explained the three-foot-tall Calgary girl, "a little safer, just sure of the base of my game, that I can always go back to.

What is the basis of his game?

"Just to make sure I'm calm and big, if I'm a big game, my level of confidence goes up and I think just to be connected to the game too, make sure I talk to my D to get out pucks and stuff like that."

Scott will receive a big test tonight as he is supposed to play the full will for the sports team U.

Scott for what he learned to be around during the run of Marlies' Keller Cup

Leafs prospect Ian Scott played one game for last season in Marlies, but was around the team during the Calder Cup run. After the appearance of his 18 shots against U Sports All-Stars on Wednesday, he talked about this experience, and was asked whether Garrett Sparks and Calvin Picard were in contact with the World Juniors. Scott said they contacted, but just wanted to talk about his goal at WHL.


Cudatnicka was the biggest offensive star in the first competition against U All Star Sports on Wednesday potting a pair of goals. With Patrice Bergeron knocked up, the chance Bruins got a chance to play on the line with Brad Marsand and David Pasternak during the NHL pre-season.

"Iceballs, like they're getting ready for games, it's unbelievable," he snapped. "You really are a bit weird, but you watch them 24/7 and try to collect things they do."

Something surprises him?

"Pasta – when he's not going (well) he kneels before the game and I've never heard of it, it's easy, but just something to get your feet going. So, if I feel like my legs are not going I might put some weights On the shelf I'll do some squats. "

Studnicka was among the stalls at the summer camp who did a good job against JK Hughes and the top American line in the last game.

"Definitely the 'show' gives me some confidence," he said. "I had confidence to play against such skilled players, so, confidence was built there and trying to get him here."

Studnicka will get another great opportunity to impress the coaching team tonight, that is one of the seven forward play on the second consecutive day.

Studenica hopes that Pasternak's short routine will work for him

Brodens odds Jack Studnicka discusses his big night against U All Star Sports Wednesday, explaining that he learned a lot by being around Brad Marsend and David Pasternak in the NHL pre-season, and says whenever pasta does not feel it, he'll do squats before the game to get your feet going.


Team Sophisticated Team Canada for Sunday's Scrimmage vs U Sports All Stars:

Comet-Glass – Teapot
Highton and Leno-Frost

Scratches: Formanton (knee), Suzuki, Leeson, Willardy (back), Anderson-Dolan (episode), Freier, Bowers

C & C-Crotch

Scratches: Smith, Dobson, Bodine, Bernard-Ducker, Mac

Goals Canada: DiPietro, Villalta
The goal of U Sport: Scott

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