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Four were killed in Penticton, BK, shooting; The suspect is walking around the police


RCMP officers participate in the shooting scene at Cornwall Drive, during a series of attacks in which four people were shot to death, at Penticton, at C.C, on 15 April 2019.

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A suspect is in custody after four people were shot and killed in Penticton, BC, on Monday, sending armed officers and a rifle to cross the city streets warning residents to stay at home.

Two men and two women were killed before a 60-year-old man roamed the police station, RCMP deputy commander Ted De Gaggar said Monday at a press conference in Penticton, south-central British Columbia, about a five-hour drive from Vancouver.

Soft. De Huijer would not have guessed at the motive, but he said that shooting were not random and the public did not believe in being at risk. The police did not release the names of the victims or the suspect.

"The loss of four people from our community in these tragic circumstances is difficult to understand, but I can assure the citizens of Penticton that the right resources and supporters are in order to advance the investigation forward," Supt. Said De Jaeger.

The crowd was called upon to fire at the center of the city at around 10:30 am, and the suspect was taken into custody about an hour later. The man's decision to turn himself in was unusual, said the officer.

"I can say from an investigative point of view, we're glad he did it so the community is not on pins and needles [worrying that he is at large].

Earlier, police surrounded the city of the city and told people to prevent the area because of serious, rolling situation.

They asked the public to act in the direction of the police and avoid certain areas, but later removed the restrictions. More than 30 policemen were involved in the shooting.

Soft. De Jaeger said that one man was found dead on the northern edge of the city; The other three were at the southern end. The victims were found in three places within a five-kilometer radius, the police said.

Jeff Schwartz said one of the victims was his uncle Rudy Winter. Mr. Schwartz said the violence was related to a dispute between neighbors and stressed that Mr. Winter is a kind and nonviolent person.

"You would never meet a better, more gentle person," says Schwartz.

Weiss Brennan, a downtown resident, said she was taking the recycling sometime between 9:30 and 10:00, when she heard the sound of three dull thumps in the distance.

"But there's a lot of construction around here, so I just assumed it had something to do with it," says Brennan.

She said her son called shortly afterwards to say that someone had been killed near her house.

My Halvorson was at her office at J & E Automotive Ltd around 10:30 am when she heard "pop, pop, pop, pop," she said.

"Suddenly, all those cars roamed the area, and an ambulance appeared, and we went out and saw a guy lying on the grass," she says.

The man lay on the grass outside the house, she said.

"They told us we had to go back inside because he was a guy – he shot this guy, who was free with a rifle," Halborson says.

Three or four officers with guns and a police dog stormed a nearby side street, while other cops were left behind and glued from the area, said Halverson.

"It was pretty scary," she said. "It's a very quiet area, so it's a little worrying that it will happen."

Daniel Kenward lived a few houses down and heard shots before police cars arrived and he saw a man lying on the grass outside. The man seemed older than white or gray hair, he said.

About 45 minutes later he heard the sound of "agony," and his wife looked out the window and saw an elderly woman hugging someone, added Mr. Canward.

"I do not know what her connection was to him or anything, I just know she was agitated, you know that sound," he said.

Justin Stewart lived on Cornwall Boulevard, another place related to the investigation, and said he was going to leave his house for a walk with his dog when he heard loud crackling sounds that he thought might be shooting.

When he looked through his window, he saw a man who looked like a gun in the street.

In response to questions, Supt. De Jaeger said the victims do not include the ex-wife of the suspect. Nor would he say whether the man arrested was known to the police or how he was connected to the four victims.

"Something like that is connected to the motive and is part of the ongoing investigation," Soft said. Said De Jaeger.

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