Saturday , June 25 2022

Giannis, Bucks are the eastern conference participants after the warriors win


Bucks only needs three quarters to start the warriors out of the gym Thursday.

You did not expect to read this sentence.

Sure, Diamond Green did not play. However, Milwaukee scored 105 points in just 36 minutes in Oracle Arena and led Golden State on 26 points.

Many are expected to be a good exx, but through 11 games, they look scary and good. There is no need to add "Darkhorse" before you say this team is competing to win the East this season.

The offense is not difficult to put in defense points and can interfere with even the best offenses when it is locked in.

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Three-quarters Kevin Durant (minus 28), Clay Thompson (minus 27) and Stephen Carey (minus 26) had no answers to Mike Budenholzer's squad. The Durant had six turns. Carrie was without a three. Thompson was 23, but without Green behind him, he was unable to get protection of the Golden State in attack mode.

It's one thing to get into Oakland and win. It is another thing to enter Oakland and win by 23 (134-111). But when you enter into Oracle and do not even have to play Giannis Antetokounmpo in the fourth quarter, this is also the next level. I said they were scary, but it was almost 2014-15 Warriors scary.

Bodenhulzer's influence is clear. 23 assists through three quarters, and 33 for the night. In a game played by all 12 players, all but four had multiple assists and seven were at least three. Even almost aces were impressive.

I want to believe that there is an alternative reality in which Yanis finished this dunk and the audience just started to present the arena right there.

Only eight of the 40 buckets that Milwaukee had made in those first three quarters were three. And of throws 17 free throws, 10 arrived Antetokounmpo. They made 14 rounds through three quarters and kept the defending champions all night long. The long arms all over the court kept the buzz of defense.

Eric Bledso was a high season 26 and Pat Connaughton was putting people on posters on the way to 15 points to lead the bench.

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And when such shots come in, it is clear that even basketball are played with wanted to see them win.

"We're here." Antetokounmpo told TNT's Kristen Ledlow after the game.

There is only so much statement that can be made in November. However, Janis is right, Bucks have arrived.

Let's hope they stay around for a while.

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