Monday , January 18 2021

He was about to scream under a super-vampire moon in Vancouver

Are you ready to shout?

The Vancouverites will be the full moon's longest partner in a decade on December 22; However, the full moon is even more spectacular occurs in the new year.

Known as the "Blood Super Wolf Moon," this amazing astral display includes a lunar eclipse flaw as the moon slips under the shadows of the earth. Last January, Earthling's partner was the "Super Blue Moon Total Eclipse", but it will not count as Blue Moon.

Super Blood Wolf Moon
Night of Vancouver Full Moon from Stanley Park / Shutterstock

Why an amazing crazy name?

First, the full moon of January is usually called the "Wolf Moon" regardless of the year. In fact, it has been called this name for decades.

"In the native times of the United States and in early colonial times, the full moon in January was called the Complete Wolf Day. It appeared when wolves howled outside the villages," explains Almanac of an old farmer.

The start of this spectacular celestial event takes place on January 21 and continues until January 22.

"On the night of January 21-22, the Full Wolf Moon will pass through the northern half of the Earth, producing a total eclipse," describing the weather on the Web. "For an added bonus, since the moon will be very close to the frij – the closest distance to Earth – it will be" Super Blood Wolf Moon "Total Eclipse".

Stargazers should choose to travel as far away from the city lights as possible in order to avoid light pollution that will obscure the brightness of celestial bodies. While it works best in more remote locations, anywhere that has a higher height also provide more ideal viewing conditions.

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