Thursday , May 13 2021

Heat behind the scenes with Liu rushing stems from the incident with Finn Blur, a rooster wanting him out of the dressing room

– As noted earlier, a report released this week states that Liu Rush was behind the scenes in the WWE internal heat due to his confidence probably putting some people in. This includes a seemingly rush telling WWE people that he should be the top guy and he was "not shy" about In addition, he did not appear last week. Fightful published a new report with some more details about the situation and the seemingly behind-the-scenes event.

According to the report, a source in the WWE staff claims there is some sort of behind-the-scenes event by Liu Rush and Finn Blur. As a result, the source states that the load will be lucky if it ever appears in the main roster again soon, if at all.

Several WWE sources also reported that the raw staff has wanted Rush out of the locker room for some time. One area of ​​frustration is how the head insists on being his wife present at all times, including during rehearsals.

According to the story, there was an event where Pin Blur made an effort to give his head tips on his wife sitting on reps. Blur seemed to be saying that Vince McMahon would not take it kindly, and his mind was negative with his reaction. Word about the incident then quickly spread around the dressing room.

Another incident was allegedly caused by the rush to tell WWE members that he was looking to land a realistic TV series with his wife. This incident apparently led to WWE management. The report notes that there does not seem to be a heat behind the scenes with Liu's wife's head, and it seems that most of this is derived from the behavior of the head.

As stated in our previous report, Liu later head released a statement on social media commenting on the rumors.You can read her long message down.

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