Saturday , November 27 2021

Helicopters of the Maritime King become the final helicopter after 55 years of service


After 55 years of service, the Canadian armed forces parted with the Navy's fleet of naval helicopters. Saturday.

The parade, which took place in the Naval Helicopter Squadron 443 in Patricia Bay, near Victoria, saw the aging plane make a final plane.

Sea Kings have been in service with the Canadian Army since 1963, making them our longest plane to serve. Which were used for anti-submarine warfare, were also used as rescue helicopter helicopters for search and rescue missions, disaster prevention and fishing patrols. They saw action abroad in places like the Persian Gulf, Somalia, Yugoslavia, East Timor and Haiti.

"The retirement of the King of the Sea, the CH-124, is truly historic for the Royal Canadian Air Force," said Lt. Col. Minsinger, commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force. "Another fleet did not serve as long as the king of the sea, and 55 years of his services are a monument not only to its durability and quality, but to the men and women who acted, supported and supported this amazing helicopter."

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