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Here's what happened to his character


The "Game of Thrones" season 8 just gave us closure on their ever-strange rise.

Remember when the pop singer everywhere, Ed Shiran, made an amulet Game of Thrones? Ido. I think about it all the time.

Sometimes, in the middle of a normal conversation, maybe on a mini-wheat African, or on a big dog who once looked at me, I suddenly fainted in the middle of the sentence, struck again by the fact that we live in a world where Ed Shiren played a soldier of Linister Game of Thrones Season 7 – No Good Reason.

Then he sang about it.

For no good reason.

Every time Ed Shiran comes naturally in conversation – maybe to discuss a new hot novel (???) or gossip gossip, or this time he played with a 13-year-old embarrassed boy when he appeared with Beyonce – I sit on the edge of my seat, , Ready and hoping to talk about his chapter Game of Thrones.

All I want to do is talk about it, repeat his beatings again and again, and dive deep into Shiran's abyss.

Hands of gold is in the banger? A bop? Snob or Plow?

Let's see it again!

This scene is another clear reminder of this Game of Thrones It is played by kings and queens and rulers, but it is the folk people who do most of the killing and the dying. It was meant to put a human face on the struggle, and let the lion – a creature defined by revenge – understand that the soldiers of Lannister were not evil by nature.

Ed Shiran seems to be doing something close to a man's face. Nominal. But it's also Ed Shiren's face.

Why does it feel so strange and uncomfortable to see it in this episode, like when your boss's son arrives and makes an attempt at work? Why, in a show of dragons and sexual sex bites and normal incest, does Ed Shiran's presence finally make me realize that it's so fake and absurd?

Why do I still not know the name of one song Shir Shir, but I see his face every night in my dreams?

Fortunately, it seems like I'm not the only one who keeps thinking about it.

Who is Ed Shiran?

If you do not remember, Ed Shiran is a famous British singer, who was probably a great fan of Game of Thrones. I mean, so is everyone, but whatever.

Macy Williams, who plays Aryeh Stark, was also a huge fan of his. So … he jumped and sang a song on the show. that was weird.

I say I've never heard a song by Ed Shiran, but I can only imagine he's singing about little sailboats, or drinking tomato juice from a cup with your lesbian aunt. I firmly believe that Jack Rowling has placed him somewhere in the Weasley family, perhaps as a distant cousin, who once charmed the pot to be sexy.

For a very serious, dramatically dramatic fantasy of murder and sex and death and dragons, a famous celebrity who appears from nowhere seems odd.

In fact, the episode in question was the premiere of the 7th season, and also appeared in an extended montage extended in a strange way with Smurley Tarley, which Shiren managed to overshadow.

People were not impressed.

Shiran actually discovered how much she did not like the whole thing, and told Buzzaid in an interview last year:

"I know what Game of Thrones The fans hoped to have happened to my character. I'm sure they think my character was brutally murdered, but I think my character is still there. I think it's cool. It was fun being inside Game of Thrones, But I definitely think they should have killed me in the episode. I suppose the redemption was apparently for people who did not like it. "

Ed Shiran's melting face is the last thing I see before bedtime

But now we know what happened to the canon to Ed Shiran's unscrupulous idiot Game of Thrones. Probably. And it's not a shudder.

** spoiler Game of Thrones Season 8 **

A small Easter egg popped up in conversation during the episode – now we know that Ed Shiran's character was badly hit later in Season 7, when Daenarys attacked the Lannister convoy with her dragons.

In his baroque orgy, his sexes continue to have a rather amusing dialogue, while they design him casually.

"This guy Eddie."
"It's him, he's back and his face is burned right away, he has no eyelids now."
"How do you sleep without eyelids?"

So, we can be sure he's either dead or terribly melted. Hurray!

the fact that Game of Thrones It took the time to wrap up the fate of their stupid figure and honestly tells the world to me. The fact that he melted badly now haunts me, but also secretly secretly to me – as when your good friends give birth to an incredibly ugly baby.

It's like a perfect meeting of events – I do not think there could be any other celebrities who can create this strange casting effect – actually we know that would not happen because people would come from diverse as YouTube comedian Steve Love (???), the metal band Mastodon, Icelandic ice Sigor Rós, Coldplay champion drummer and champion.

None of them felt like a tear in time and place, like Doctor party. None of them filled me with despair, but also, absurdly, joy.

Only Ed Shiran can do it.

Patrick Lenton is the entertainment editor for Junkee. He does not think he's too cool for Ed Shiran, just too weird.

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