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How many children should be incubated? A guide for all Dogar children

Ask someone how many children the Dogar family has, and their answer will undoubtedly be: "A lot!" But how many children are there, anyway, for Bob and Michel Dogar?

The answer to this question can be confusing. After all, when their TLC show was aired it was called 17 children and counting But in the end there is a name 19 children and counting Accuracy test. And then there was the time Michele admitted that she wanted more children.

The model is huge

Michelle announced that she is pregnant with her twenty-year-old baby in 2011. Unfortunately, the baby was dead on December 11, 2011. They named their little girl Jubilee Peace Duggar and still remember her on her birthday.

Today, incubators have 19 living children. They already have 12 grandchildren and are likely to have much faster. And the strangest part? Bob and Michel's eldest grandson, McKinsey, two months older than their youngest daughter, Joshi (who is technically her aunt). nostalgic!

Why do incubators have so many children?

When Bob and Michelle got married for the first time, they used contraception because they wanted to wait a few years to have children. After giving birth to their first child, Joshua, Michel returned to contraception. But soon she experiences an abortion, which she blames for the hormonal pills she takes to prevent pregnancy.

Technically, contraceptives are against the religion of Duggars anyway. The family followed the independent Baptist Church with their strict etiquette. One rule states that married couples must be open to pregnancy no matter what.

Who are the Dogar children?

With 19 children who have names that begin with the letter "J", it can be difficult to keep everyone straight. Here are the kids Duggar Fine:

1. G & D Duggar

Perhaps best known for Ashley Madison and sexual harassment scandal, Josh Duggar is married to Anna Keller and has five children of his own. He was born in March 1988.

2. & 3. John David and Jana Duggar (twins)

The first group of twins Duggar was born in January 1990. Jana is married and lived in the house, and John married David Barnett in November 2018.

4. Jill Daguerre (Dillard)

Jill was born in May 1991. She is married to Derek Dillard and has two sons, all of whom used to appear on TLC trust on Until a huge debate with Gerald's husband shot him.

5. Sue Dogar (Seewald)

Known as "Duggar rebels" Jessa recently shocked fans by wearing pants in public (this is not usually allowed). Jessa married Seewald White and the couple has two children. Born in November 1992.

6. Janger Dogar (Walo)

People have guessed the reason for the carpenter, born in December 1993, more than a year to add to the many grandchildren of the Dogar family, and wondered if she controls birth control or infertility. Janger and her husband received their first baby in July 2018.

7. Yosef Duggar

Baby Joseph entered the Dogar clan in January 1995. He is married to Kendra Caldwell (though his younger brother, Yedidya, was allegedly courting her first). The couple has a son named Garrett.

8. Josiah Dogar

Josiah Duggar (born August 1996) married Lauren Swenson in June 2018 after a short courtship. Fans eagerly await their pregnancy announcement.

9. Joy-Anna Duggar (Forsyth)

She was born in October 1997. She married Austin Forsyth in May 2017 and had a daughter, Gideon, in February 2018.

10. & 11. Diddia and Jeremiah Duger (twins)

The second group of twins Duggar reached the world in December 1998. There are rumors that Jeremiah is currently courting someone, but nothing has been confirmed.

12. Jason Dugard

The first child of the new millennium of Duggars was born in April 2000.

13. James Dugard

Little James Duggar joined the clan in July 2001.

14. Justin Duggar

Now that the show is out of the air, fans have not got so much insight into the lives of the Duggars. But they know that Justin was born in November 2002.

15. Jackson Duggar

Dougar's youngest son, Jackson, was born in May 2004.

16. Johanna Dogar

Known as the "young youngest", Johanna Duggar is much younger than her older brother. She was born in October 2005.

17. Jennifer Daguerre

The third young Duggar, Jennifer, was born in August 2007.

18. Warden-Grace Dogar

Another member of the littles is still at home including Jordyn-Grace, who was born in December 2008.

19. Gerry Dogar

Who can forget the horrific story about the birth of Gai Dagares in December 2009? This "miracle baby" was born in 25 weeks of pregnancy and weighed only 1 pound 6 ounces. Today she is a prosperous little girl.

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