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How the movie connects to DCEU – / Movie


Interview Shazam

Last week, I joined a small group of journalists at the Post Production Institute at Warner Bros. Studio. Much to see a glimpse of film footage from the upcoming film Shazam! After getting an early look at a few minutes of the film, we spoke with the director David P. Zandberg And the producer Peter Librarian About the film's connection to DCEU, how the project evolved from the days when it was Dwayne JohnsonA black person was supposed to be involved, a film post-credit sequence, and more.

During our conversation Sandberg and Safran touched a casting Remember Levy Like Shazam, the ego hero of the 14-year-old Billy Batson (Which Zhang), Praises the player's enthusiastic approach to the role. You can see it a little easy, going well and approach this new approach:

Videos of Shazam

Much of the footage we saw comes from the first set of the film. Young Billy Batson is brought to foster care, while the carriage focused on the fun relationship of Billy / Shazam with his foster brother Freddy Freeman (Dylan Graser), There is tension and discomfort between them at the beginning of the story. Freddy is obsessed with superheroes and even holds a ball that leaped from Superman in a drawer at home (with a COA), but Billy replaces it for himself. At school, Freddy and Billy talk about the differences between the invisible and the flight, how the flight is related to being a hero to be invisible and often associated with being a pervert. (Invisibleness is a joke repeated later in the film when Shazem tries to understand his powers). "Most people do not feel like heroes from the inside, deep inside," says Freddy.

But it seems that the rocky relationship did not last long, and the two quickly become friends. When Billy gets up for Freddy by fighting some local thugs, he flees into the subway car – where the other passengers become dust, almost as if the pair of Thanos from the Marvel universe made his way to the DC. The subway doors are open to reveal the Eternal Rock, a magical cave heavily featured in the carriage, where the magician (Jim Hounsou) Sitting on a throne. DC really loves these rooms and the big throne – we saw one inside Aquaman Recently – and they also love to love flashbacks into their films: this one explains the history of Shazam using magical glowing particles as Billy stands there amazed.

After being gifted with supernatural powers, he finds himself on the subway again, where a passenger goes dressed: "My brother, I congratulate you on your choices today: gold shoes, gold belt, white cape: it does not have to work, but damn it!" The overall tone of this film is almost identical to what happens in the first trailer: a lot of silly and light comedy). When Azam met Freddy at his home, we saw another version of his "discovery of forces" scene in the trailers – it happens at night when Shazam intervenes during a robbery (where it turns out his help was not needed anyway). Freddy tries some heroic nicknames for him ("Mr. Farewell!" "The Life Force"), all of which collapse.

After revealing the full version of the scene at the station's gas station robbery, the film moved to several action scenes, many of which are brought in this expanded television spot:

Read on for highlights from our interview Shazam! The director David P. Zandberg and producer Peter Safran.

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