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How to prepare for the first raid of Division 2, making dark hours


Tom Clancy She has launched a star. After several initial hiccups during the beta, multiplayer – both private and ad hoc – were particularly stable. Now a team at Ubisoft introduces the first raid of the eight-player raid. Here are our recommendations on how to make an effective gear for the raid on May 16.

According to the developers, in order to open the "dark hours", players will have to talk with a helicopter pilot outside the White House. This will open a raiding tab on the social menu of the game.

To be eligible to go on the raid, all players in the team will have to reach level 30, complete the main game. They will also need to reach the world level 5, and achieve a score in gear of at least 490.

The beat up game is quite simple. To reach a world level 5, of course, requires that players take on each province of the game – previously played in the newly fortified areas with black Tusk activists – and then complete the tide basin mission.

Tier 4 world allows players to reach the 450 degree gear. After completing the tidal basin, you are on your own increasing your level. Here are some suggestions.

Go hunting in the dark area

If you have enabled the primary campaign of Division 2, Then you've been through the dark zone at least once. But there is no requirement that you re-visit the area later. Now that you've finished the tide basin, it's a good time to come back.

But do not go alone. Not only is there a bunch of good equipment to be found, but it is a great excuse to practice coordination with other players. Find some friends, join the tribe, or find an ad hoc group with matchmaking and start exploring. Take baby steps, though, and always think about your exit plan. The dark area can be a dangerous place.

However, surviving and thriving in the dark zone requires a different set of unique loadout skills. Our Guide to the Dark Zone can bring you to speed.

Raise hell around a control point

Once you reach level 4 in the world, control points change in exciting ways. Now the random events surrounding them-public executions, propaganda broadcasts, random engagements, and supply convoys-are all tied to a certain location on the map. Approach each one to find a number, usually one or two. Complete the random event, and the neighboring control point will be more difficult.

My recommendation is not to exceed level 4 on control points. The difficulty of securing and holding Level 5 versions often does not match the booty they offer. Take a side of two to three high level agents, and you should not have any problem taking down level 4 placement.

Take on some awards

I was pleasantly surprised by the way an untreated aortic is treated Division 2, And the system expands as soon as you get deeper into the layers of the world. It is called & # 39; Target Network & # 39 ;.

To take on the abundance, you will have to invest intelligence. Collecting intelligence happens organically while you do other things, and if you have not taken on any time bounties, then you are probably full. If you find that you come across a bunch of red booty icons that look like two cards placed one on top of the other, that means your stock inventory is full.

Head to map and tabs. This will cover a series of targets on the map. Place the cursor on each of them, and you will get information about who your owner wants dead. Clear all bounties in a given area, you can unlock Boss Bounty.

Bounties can be difficult, and are timed. Get at least a friend or two, and consider getting a whole group together for the bosses to do the job. As a reward, you will get some great booty for your problem.

A look at the new exotic weapons offered in the first raid of the 2nd Division, Operation

Massive Entertainment / Ubisoft

Think of exotic weapons

There are some excellent exotic weapons there Division 2 Now, including a submachine gun at Airbus. Collecting anyone can be time consuming, however. Your best best to plan ahead, and be on the lookout for tasks in and around areas and locations you need to frequent and collect the random loot droplets required to put one together.

Other exotic weapons for the raid include the Merciless rifle and the Liberty side.

Calibrate your expectations

If you go into a raid with a dedicated group of players, consider your loadouts before launch. Each raid consists of two groups of four. Expect to split at certain points, to make each fireteam as independent as possible. This should include a combination of offensive, defensive and supportive skills and gadgets.

If you hit the wall and need to read your first attempt, it is very important to spend some time on Calibration station Inside the White House, and you can check out our Division 2 Recalibration guide for more. If you have a defined role in your eight-player team, double by harvesting additional benefits from other weapons and equipment parts in your barn. Build one or two built loadouts, set them up with the correct perks, and let the RAID go another.

As a prize, Ubisoft is promising players to complete the gray hours operation and some excellent prizes, including the opportunity to earn a new exotic shotgun. You can only complete it once a week, thanks to the timer that pops up. Successfully.

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