Thursday , January 21 2021

Jose Mourinho did not learn much about the players following the Champions League defeat to Valencia – football

The Portuguese have made eight changes ahead of Wednesday's game in Valencia, with the knockout stage progress already promised, injuries taking the toll and the weekend trip to Liverpool's big opponents.

However, United knew victory in Mestalla would see them at the top of Group H in the unlikely event that Juventus slipped in Switzerland, but Mourinho's men They could not do theirs Like the improbable in young children.

The A Series giants lost 2-1 at the same time that the United fell by the same scoreline in Spain, where a strike by Carlos Solar and Phil Jones himself aimed to replace a late strike by Marcus Rashford was just a comfort effort.

None of those who brought themselves did any favors, so it's no wonder that Morinho looked at the end of his tie and offered the "dissatisfied" response at a vigorous meeting of the press conference.

Now they are united 33/1 With heaven a house Pick up the Champions Cup.

"I think that to be eligible for this group is a success," said the United boss. "Never a failure, to finish the second in this group is always a success.

"Before the game I told the players that if we won tonight and Juventus won, we did our job.

"If we do not win and Juventus will not win, we can blame ourselves.

"I do not think the first or second finish painting – apart from some clubs that are clearly much better than the others – I do not think the paint will be significantly different …

"But I expect (better) my players, especially the players of the week, the week, you ask me why they do not play, why do not they start?"

"(He) was a good game to play, a match without any kind of pressure, a match in a game everyone likes to play.

"And in the end, my team got better, really, when I made the changes I did not want to make, and it's a bit of frustration because I did not want to play the three players I played in the second half."

Phil Jones scored his own goal during the game of Manchester United in Valencia

Phil Jones scored his own goal during the game of Manchester United in Valencia

Ashley Young replaced Markus Rogge after the first half, while Rachford reached the signing of Fred and Jesse Lingard was brought to Romilo Lukaco.

Paul Pogba did not shine after starting the last two games on the bench, while Eric Bailey and Andreas Ferreira were also trying to influence.

When asked if he learned anything about his players, Mourinho replied: "No, maybe you did it, not me.

"I did not learn anything from this game, nothing, nothing that happened did not surprise me at all."

It was Mourinho's reaction that the performances of the classmates in Mestalla only strengthened their minds.

The united boss confirmed that Nemanja Matik and David De Pasha were the only players to flee to Spain.

"If this match was a match to decide the team, it will be a very similar team," Mourinho said.

"I mean, when you sometimes analyze Manchester United and you talk about our ambitions and talk about our level, sometimes you have to learn the situation a bit better because you make a certain kind of comment."

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