Thursday , May 13 2021

Kelowna RCMP warn puppy fraud after residents conned out of cash

Kelowna RCMP published a warning about the puppy fraud after two residents were conned out of hundreds of dollars.

According to a written statement from the police, West Kelowna mounties were created twice within a week by people who said they had fallen victim to an online puppy purchased a scam.

People said they were cheated out of $ 1,800 combined as they tried to buy a puppy.

"In each case the victim agreed to transfer the money, as an advance to a charming puppy found in online classified ads," said RCMP Cpl. Cao O'Donaghi of Calvone County.

"Unfortunately, our complainant, who expected the animal to be sent by messenger, will not accept the puppy or see their money again."

RCMP said they encourage people to adopt animals personally and do extensive research on online companies. They also warned against sending money, money transfers or money to buy pets.

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