It was a moment since we heard a full-length project from Blackhead. Of course, the last prison period of the young rapper played a factor in his absence; But as the expression was made, it served the heart. In this sense, many have been expecting die Hard With a renewed sense of optimism, citing Black's authenticity and lyrical touch as his outstanding qualities. Of course, his strange sense of humor plays a role, as does Offset and Travis Scott. But Kodak has come to a great extent where he is through his own actions, both good and evil.

Even though disturbing claims are above the top, die Hard It is testimony to Kodak's art. True, he did some pandering to increase the stream count, pressing WRLD juice and Lil Pomexlusively for this reason. But most of his effort is solo effort. We can never understand Kodak Black's mind; How could we, given the struggle he was experiencing and had to overcome? You can hear the pain in his music, which explains the deeper appeal, which remains long after the thrills of "ZEZE" faded. In many ways, die Hard Is Kodak's most important project so far. A moment when he could say goodbye to his new colleagues. The only question is, did he succeed?

current die Hard Below, available in all major streaming services.