Saturday , November 27 2021

Leafs sign Nylander for six years, $ 41.4M deal


TORONTO – #NylanderWatch It's over.

Toronto Maple Leafs agreed to agree with the free agent division limited William Nilander About 6 years, $ 41.4 million contract extension, putting an end to the stalemate that has dragged through the first 26 games of the regular season.

The 22-year-old was at the deadline of five in the evening to sign a contract or have to sit out all season.

Nylander was the eighth overall choice by Toronto in NHL 2014 draft entry. Since entering the league in 2016, Nylander has 48 goals and 87 assists in 185 games with Leafs.

The deal came together after a year of speculation about what 22-year-old Nylander could command from the Leafs, considering the team would have extensions to negotiate with Austin Matthews And the juice. Marner this summer.

Neilander said in the summer that he hoped to avoid a bridge deal, an emotion echoed by General Manager Kyle Dubas. Based on his production and role with the Leafs (six wing top which contributes heavily to play power), Nilander is expected to be in the same category of contract as the forward Winnipeg Jets Nikolai Ahler, Which signed a seven-year contract, $ 42 million as RFA last year.

Avoiding a bridge deal also prevents the Leafs from finding themselves Nikita Koz MostType of situation up the road. Tampa Bay Lightning won a three-year rating of $ 14.3 million in 2016, and then exploded to 185 points over the next two seasons to win an 8-year extension of $ 76 million.

As it is, the Leafs have secured one of the brightest young men in the league while leaving themselves a place to sign their other big name players.

With the matter finally resolved, the focus goes on to get Nilander back on the ice. Coach Mike Babcock has been mum on what line he can beat, but said earlier he will have to play a little "catch hockey" when he goes back to the fold.

"Willy Willy, so when he comes back I'm sure he'll fit exactly right," Matthews said in early October. "He's been here two years, two and a half years now and he's a special player and I'm sure that when he comes back he'll get along quickly."

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