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Lewis Hamilton takes a Boolean F1 GP pole as he bids 10 to win the sports race


Lewis Hamilton followed his victory in the capping title in Mexico with another statement of authority by taking a pole for the Brazilian Grand Prix thanks to the nameless knees in Interlagos. Sebastien and Tal in Ferrari were in second place, keeping his place after a two-hour delay as managers questioned him for breaking regulations. Hamilton's friend, Volteri Butas, was the third.

Hamilton placed two glittering laps in the last seat, none of which could be matched, and he took a pole with a new record of 1min 7.281sec. He was rich in Vettel and was rightly proud of a spectacle that reflected an extraordinary season.

"It was so close between us, we had to 100% today, not 99," he said. "I was very happy with my knees and I think we did a great job as a collective team to get a pole today.We had to do a lot of work overnight and the team was effortless with their efforts."

Vettel, whose temperament was questioned after his championship challenge was complicated by a series of mistakes, almost proved himself too vigorous during the meeting. The German was directed to the stewards after he did not turn off the engine while boarding the plane during the second quarter, causing damage to the device.

Vettel was keen to finish the process as quickly as possible to put in her lap before the rain got heavier than could have disqualified. "They do not need to call us when conditions change like this, it's unfair to call us," he said.

Sebastian and Tal avoided a netting that did not turn off the engine before climbing the weighing bridge.

Sebastian and Tal avoided a netting that did not turn off the engine before climbing the weighing bridge. Photo: Mauro Pimentel / AFP / Getty Images

The driver of Ferrari suffered from a tense wait for the steward's decision, before receiving a reprimand and a fine of £ 25,000 (£ 21,843) due to failure to comply with officials' instructions.The title of drivers has been gone but persistent misududments when under pressure is something he must address if he Challenge the championship next season.

There was better news in McLaren. The team, which sustained a terrible season, at least gave Fernando Alonso a reason to feel optimistic when they announced on Saturday that he would drive for them next year Indy 500. Alonso, who finished 18th and who leaves F1 at the end of the year, competed in Indy in 2017. With victories In Monaco and Le Mans he is trying to add the last part of the race race to three races by ensuring victory at the brick.

With Hamilton getting his fifth title in Mexico, in a race where Mercedes were out of pace, the tenth pole of the season is a strong return form.

He secured a 100 pole for Mercedes and there remained an unfinished business for the British driver and his team in Brazil.

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Mercedes still did not score the championship of the Hamilton builders and it was clear that he wanted to make sure they did so. Currently 55 points against the Ferrari with 86 available from the last two races, Ferrari must outscore Mercedes by 13 points to take the battle for the final round in Abu Dhabi.

If Mercedes secured the title, they would get the Ferrari record of five consecutive championships of drivers and builders, which they achieved with Michael Schumacher between 2000 and 2004.

It can not be simple however. Vettel and teammate Kimi Raikkönen, who was fourth, spent their time on the soft tire in Q2, giving them more strategic options over their opponents who would all start on the top rubber. It was a well-timed, bold and tactical decision by Ferrari, which could still inspire.

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