Sunday , January 17 2021

Locke Walton praises Kyle Kuzma for an improved defense effort. Rockets

Troy Taormina USA Today Sports

While Los Angeles Lakers challenged Kyle Cosma to use Rocky's successful season as a springboard towards becoming a general player, there was an emphasis on improving defense.

After proving that he is the polished scorer on the way to selecting the NBA All-Rookie First team, Kozma came across questions and criticism about his appearance on the other side of the floor. He worked to defend the defense, and it has been evident so far in the season.

However, one of the nights of Cosma Down came from the Lakers home opener against Houston Rockets. They attacked and exploited those who protected him or turned him on, giving him a lot of frustration for the second year.

After the loss, Cosma Lakers, Luke Walton's chief coach, swore that he would never have happened again. "Thursday night represented an opportunity for redemption to Kusame.

He and the Lakers were on defense together, but Walton was generally pleased with what he saw from Cosme, through spectrumYou

"Compared to the last however many times he played Houston, I thought defensively he did the best job … He made his mistakes but he was up for the challenge … … he wanted to keep Chris and James, and that 's what you want. Guys who want to compete against the other guy's best.I thought he did a better job than he did before until after the next game, forcing them in the direction we wanted, and getting them from the 3-point line. "

Cosma was among the Lakers called dubious offenses, and that would have made him a 132-defense rating and a 12-point net loss of 126-111. James Harden produced a fourth career 50 double triple points, and Chris Paul had 14 points and 9 assists.

With enthusiasm, Cosma surrendered another strong game, scoring 24 points along with 5 assists. He was a perfect 7-for-7 night lakers as the team had only 15-of-27 (55.6%) out of a free throw line.

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