Saturday , January 16 2021

MCFD admits responsibility – Kelowna News

MCFD acknowledges responsibility

The Ministry of Children and Family Development admits "indirect responsibility" for the actions of a social worker Kelowna charged with stealing money of vulnerable young people in his care.

The Interior Ministry filed its response on Thursday in a Vancouver court court to a lawsuit filed by the Custodian General and the Custodian with the participation of former social worker Clown Robert Riley Saunders.

In his response, the Ministry also agrees that general damages and the court's interest in one of the legal claims involving a large number of youth is appropriate.

"The district acknowledges that Mr. Saunders was negligent, released and made the plaintiff's money, performed public office inequalities, fraud and loyalty obligations incurred by the plaintiff, adding that the plaintiff was injured as a result," the document said.

This goes on and Saunders state thanked for the conversion of funds in March this year, and steps were taken to ensure the immediate security of children and teenagers on his luggage. A judicial review was conducted and the matter was handed over to the police.

MCFD will develop a separate examination of its contracting and payment processes.

"Since the accusations began, the ministry has offered support and services, including counseling, to children and youth affected by the social worker," the press release said.

"MCFD will work with the Plaintiff's counsel to address these issues in a way that does not cause further trauma to the injured persons."

Thursday's reply applies only to the specific action filed by the Custodian and the Trustee.

The Interior Ministry said in response that each of the other legal actions will be taken in due course.

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