Monday , January 18 2021

Ness and SNES classic consoles will not be restocked after holidays, "once they sell, they are gone"


Nintendo's NES and SNES classic systems have an interesting time on the market in the past two years. Initially, consumers struggled to get their hands on the NES console when shipments were sold faster than they arrived, but things slowly began to improve over time and the SNES was much more seamless overall. Although some fans stay out early, the consoles have moved more than 10 million units between them.

But what about the future of miniature, retro machines? Well, in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Nigindo of Reggie-Fils revealed that the two products will not be restocked after the holiday period. After a quick reminder that these current systems will be "scope [Nintendo’s] Classic program, "he goes on to talk about how this classical console era is seemingly coming to an end.

"We were also clear that at least from an American point of view, these products will be available through the holiday season, and as soon as they sell, they will disappear, and this is consumers.Continue with our classic content is going to be through Nintendo Switch Online,Ningba Gaiden, Wario of Woods and The Adventures of Lulu) From the NES section on the platform. We look at it as a primary way that consumers will be able to experience this legacy content. "

It was only last month that the NES and SNES classics described as "limited time opportunities" designed to bridge the gap between the Wii U and Switch, so this news is not so surprising. After we said that, we really find it strange that Nintendo does not want to keep the stock available to some extent – the company tends to appreciate its very heritage content very much, and that includes the systems themselves.

If you have not already grabbed the version of one of these two consoles, maybe now is the time to get ahead and get one. Let us know the comments if you plan to buy one before the holidays.

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