Saturday , January 16 2021

Okay, here's one thing in the 76 fall that got fixed but should remain broken

Go feed the people

Falling Just can not win. It started like a strange broken mess. Bethesda tries to fix it, but players found that the patch comments this week actually omitted a ton of important changes that made the game more grind heavy. So this week she sent out quick notes that were really exhaustive and people found a correction to something they did not even know was broken.

Falling There is an event called "feed the people" where players gather on Mama Dulch's food processing to protect machines from attackers so that packets can be distributed. After the event is successfully completed, each player on the server is awarded five cans of meat stew. It must have been a mistake. After the update of the day, only those who participated in the event received the dish.

Given the issue of "feed the people", everyone assumed that it always works properly. There is a friendly theatrical unity to some people who work hard to satisfy everyone. The name of the event indicates that it is altruistic in nature. Not so. fall out Does not make any bones on the contempt for communism. This logic holds this capitalist axis.

People are begging the daughter to interpret this change. One commentator on Falling The subreddit collected more upvotes and asked for a reversion than Bethesda has announced the corrections comments. Or, as another commentator points out,LOL, good to know the most interesting search dynamics was [a] insect."

Fall correction remarks – December 11, 2018 [reddit via Kotaku]

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