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Ottawa return to sweet bitter for Carlson as sharks fight to continue


The game of hockey has been known to modest its brightest stars – even on the days they are supposed to be the owners.

When he returned to Ottawa as a member of the Sharks 'San Jose, Eric Carlson made passions on both benches and in the buildings of the Canadian jewelers' center almost, but left the building at the far end of a 6-2 rebuke to his former senators.

"It was a great experience, I had a lot of fun out there, although it was not a great game and I was not satisfied by any means," Carlson said. "But I'm excited to move to Montreal and I hope it will work out."

Do not look now but sharks fear (12-10-5) fell four straight while the senators rebuilt improved to 12-12-3 with their third straight win. At home, Ottawa is impressive 9-4-2.

You can not do these things, Carlson gets close despite pumping 13 shots at his former goalkeeper Craig Anderson, nine of whom sign up as shots on target. Meanwhile, Miquel Bocker, who was one of the three former sharks in the Ottawa lineup, contributed to the goal and three assists. Chris Tierney – with assistant – and Dylan DeMelo are other former sharks.

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The only characteristic of a dull, thoughtless first period was the video tribute to Carlsson, which was held by a crowd of 17,531 people (though he did not salute Daniel Alfredson when he returned with Detroit's red wings). Watching the concentration montage from the sharks bench was Carlson, helmet over. When it was over, he jumped over the boards, made a slight turn and waved thanks in return.

"It was a lot of fun," Carlson said. "I think I did a good job focused on the game, but I have to experience the good things that went on."

Carlson thanked the senators for the gesture. For his former teammates, he says he will see them in January, in San Jose.

From the gallery Alfredsohn himself was a rare performance in the ring of the man hanging from the rafters.

Alfredson, who told a reporter who had not been in the game for two years, had encouraged Carlson to try to enjoy returning home, something he had not done when it was his turn. Too stressful, Alfie said.

On the ice, Carlson seemed to enjoy himself, fiddling, throwing shots at the net from all sides, nodding at close-knit couples. During a period of power play, initially at 5 by 3, it was Carlson who put the lightning in to Burnett Burns, who fed Pavelsky on the left, before he passed it to the Thornton for the tap. Too bad there are no third assists in Hockey.

A few minutes later, Carlson passed a defensive gem, in a flat-legged race, with Ottawa's naval wing, Ryan Desingles. Carlson swung his cane around a zingel to reach the piece, which flew over the lintel and stayed outside.

It kept 1-1 tie in the middle of the game.

The next two goals 49 seconds apart from putting the sharks in hole 3-1 from which they could not recover. Ben Harpur's Defenseman, who rose to 6 meters, was the third of the season, and made the game on her head in the second part of the second period. It turns out that the sharks did not appreciate these two.

A screenwriter story was Carlson scored the winner in the game. As these things often go, reality means that the more you press San Jose, the more they will go down.

Carlson wanted this game badly. Guess what? The senators did it, too.

A Mark Stone Power play a third goal buried in San Jose.

"We're fighting now," Carlson said. "We're going to go through these periods all year, we have to sort a lot of things, we're a better team than we've seen in the last four or five games here.

"We know that and ultimately it's up to us in the locker room to figure it out and find a way to get back to being the team we know we can be."

Anderson made some brilliant rescuer, including one in the Wrenton third period that sparked a round of "Andy! Andy !!".

Another pain for the EK65: During the game, all the Carlson Ottawa equipment in a senators store was placed about 50 percent off. Memories.

Watch it

They say you grew up fast in hockey.

Carlson is a great example. We saw it for the first time a little over ten years ago, on a draft night in this arena (then called Scotsybank).

Here it was a freshly swedish Swedish boy who could pass 14, announced by Captain Altranson Ottawa as the 15th choice of Ottawa General. With his short cropped hair and the 10k stone building, at a height of 5 meters, he weighed 150 pounds.

Was this the future of the franchise?

"He's Sergey Zubov, without the cigarettes," one European fanatic was enthusiastic about Carlson.

One of the Swedish senators, Anders Forsberg, said of Carlson: "He will not fail, because he will not let himself fail."

Other drafts, in various turns, dwarfed this boy, but he had pants that none of the bigger chances could do.

"Hey, I'm Eric Carlson, in the first round," he said, beaming, for all his draft picks. Here is an actor born with confidence.

As he says, he came to Ottawa as a child, grew up here, fans suffered as he found his game in the first season, 2009-10. We saw him become the most talented senator of all time. He played painful, returning early from Achilles' surgery and then from a broken ankle.

In 2016-17, Ottawa saw the best of Carlson, arguably the best hockey player on the planet that season, leading the team of senators overachieving to the end of the East Conference.

Last season, with ankle surgery tinkering with his summer training, Carlson was not himself. He missed the spell of the first step and strayed away from Guy Buscher's tight system.

Ironically, the most flash player ever to wear the uniform is just gone, and now The senators make the children loose and play hilarious hockey. Fortunately, Carlson has provided enough of his own over the years.

At the age of 28, he grew up, physically, about a meter and a half and 190 pounds. The chopped, cropped hair is now Tor's mane. In the heat before the game, without a bucket, Carlson bent down and then put his head back, his hair following a storm.

Life is rolling in a decade with one organization. Carlson started out as a tenant in Alfredson's house, often sipping the young sons of Alfie and his wife Bibi. Carlson married the young man, the relationship did not last, and his second wife, Melinda, suffered a terrible loss last March when their son was a boy. It has become a part of the alleged online harassment that was just as shocking.

Ottawa watched him grow into a man, a superstar actor, and leave in a difficult separation when Carlson and the senators were never on the same page about renewing his contract.

Saturday, he returned home and was part of an exciting game senators fans will remember long ago. In their joy comes the sobering thought of how fast we could have gone through all our lives for ten years.

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