Saturday , October 23 2021

Pusha T Accuses Drake-Dissing Visual Stage on 'Corny' Ceremony – Rolling Stone


The performance of Pusha T in Tyler, 2018 of the stolen Flog Carnival Creator Saturday sparked some unexpected drama, such as Daytona Rapper's Stadium "Dusgars" in Los Angeles, the words "Pak Drake" appeared on the screen behind, and introduced the criminal T. and Drake's flesh.

However, Pusha T denied there was anything to do with Dis. He turned to the visual spectacle Twitter On Saturday night he writes, "My ass fucks my fucked tech brother with my screens at @ CampFlogGnaw.I'm talking about myself and you all know how I make my statements !! No one shows up on the screen, it's not part of my show." Despite the unexpected resemblance, Fouche admitted to Tyler, the creator of the festival.

During the summer, Tosh and Drake's honey has warmed up when ex A friend clip released the track dis "The Story of Edidon," who clashed back on Dizzy's track of the "Frosty Freestyle" track, referring to Adic's Draid line of the shoe and accusing him of having a secret that he supposedly had with a pornstar. The work "The Story of Edidon" even presented a picture of Drake in black. On Scorpion Track "March 14," Drake discovered that he did have a son named Adonis. Drake still did not comment on the backdrop of visual T Puse camp camp Flug Gnaw.

On Saturday, Pusha T appeared alongside artists including A Rocky AP, Playboy Karty, Mike G and SZA. Today's composition for Flog Camp Gnaw features set by Jane Smith, Lorraine Hill, Flatbush Zombies, Brookhampton, Tyra Whack, Earl Swatshirt, Post Malone, Kids Saw Spirits and more.

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