Tuesday , August 9 2022

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine pleads not guilty to blackmail, firearms


Takashi 6x9ine limped into Manhattan trial on Monday to plead guilty to being accused of being a violent drug gang member – as his lawyer found out that he had been transferred to another prison because of "threats" of his defendants.

The bow-haired rapper, who designed his braids and prison shards, looked gloomy when he and three others were taken back to the federal court in Manhattan, a week after they were indicted for blackmail and weapons.

But the court, which was full of relatives, burst out laughing when American lawyer Michael Longyer's assistant detailed the indictment against the men.

He said that there is a video surveillance linking Takashi to a April 21 shot at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, where the rapper "Gummo" was set to perform an entry song for one of the boxers.

"Who sang the song?" Judge Paul Engelmeyer asked, lighting the giggles.

"I do not have that information," Long Air replied.

Takashi and his team were at the meeting place between Adrienne Brunner and Guy Vargas, one of three fights on the ticket that evening. But on their way to the VIP zone they encountered a rival rap team, and then someone from Takashi's entourage pushed one shot, she reported then. No one was hurt.

A 0.3-caliber shell was found in place but not processed after being treated by the Arena team. Takashi and his comrades were left behind for police interviews – and none of them were armed.

Prosecutors accuse Takashi, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, and five others who frightened the city as members of the flames of the Nine Tree Gangsta, an extension of the flames. Also, he manages the shot, Kifano "Shottie" Jordan, and three former partners, Faheem "Crippy" Walter, Jensel "Man" Butler and Mal "Mel Murda" Jones.

All but Walter, who was not in the hall, pleaded guilty.

Last week, the "tact" reported that Takashi had been transferred from the Brooklyn federal prison to an unknown ban on threats to his life.

Outside the courtroom, his lawyer Lance Lazaro said he was in a "facility in Queens."

"He was moved by the threats of the defendants," Lazaro said. "He's pretty good but he's not happy."

His adviser, Don Florio, added: "He is sure, but he is not happy to be in jail."

Takashi was mysteriously transferred from the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn last week after receiving threats from "other gang-affiliated prisoners," while in the general population, Lazaro said.

The lawyer did not mention why his client was limping.

Prosecutors said they were delving into Hernandez's three mobile phones and social media, including Snapchat and Instagram, as well as his iCloud and email.

According to them, Takashi photographed a robbery in April in Times Square, and that some of the profits obtained, including jewelry, were found at his home in Brooklyn in September.

Longyear said the suspected gang members were also responsible for other acts of violence.

"The organization's goals included preserving and protecting the force, territory, and profits of the organization through acts of murder … and threats of violence," he said.

Walter was not in court on Monday because he was taken back to the hospital associated with shooting injuries he suffered in the fight with the restaurant security last month.

Walter faces gangs in a brawl on Phillip Chen.

Takashi, who was handcuffed and ankles and sat in the jury box in front of his three defendants, never turned to look at them. Instead, he stared into space and looked up at the ceiling.

When the men were led out of court, Jordan shouted to the gallery, "I love my whole family, we do not fall, we do not bend, we do not break," and then "entertainment."

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