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Rating Jurgen Klop of 15 European games in charge of Liverpool in Anfield

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Liverpool Maintained their extraordinary European record under Jurgen Klop after they defeated 1-0 Napoli on Tuesday to advance to the knockout stages of the Champions League.

Still without a loss, Klop won 12 of 15 European meetings at Anfield and has a knack for making the Reds appear when they really need it.

And we ranked each of these 15 shows under the German on Marchside.

15. 1-1 Robin Kazan, October 2015

It was only Clop's second game in charge of Liverpool, and the weakness that hung over the last few months of the reign of Brendan Rodgers took some time to shake off.

Amara's free kick could only be the highlight of the game, as Liverpool could not find a winner despite playing for an hour against 10 men.

Seville, September 2017

Liverpool won against the Spanish side more than the European League final of 2016, beaten 3-1.

They created a number of good opportunities and could easily win the game, but like a 3-3 draw at Ramon Sanchez's return facility, personal defensive injuries cost them three points – a recurring theme that was not corrected until the arrival of Virgin 39; Jill van Dyck and Allison.

The red red card of Gomez wrapped in a disappointing night.

Porto, March 2018

It was a luxury to be dead rubber, as the Champions League rare to win in Liverpool made it a second informal habit after they won 5-0 in Porto.

Adam Lalana, Walt Mataif and even Danny Inges were all presented in Liverpool, such as Muhammad Salah, Van Dyke and Alex Oxleyd of Berlin.

12. 2-1 Bordeaux, November 2015

The group attended four Nathaniel Klein, Dejan Lovren, Kolo Toure and Alberto Moreno played behind the likes of Gianlane, Lucas Leiba, Jordon Ibe and Christian Benteke. First, only Lovren and Milner are still fixed, with an unidentified team three years later.

Still, they did the job, coming back with goals from Milner and Benteke to cancel Henry Sieve's roundabout 16-yard free kick, which was awarded to no avail after Simon Mignolet went into the pogo mode and held the ball for 20 seconds.

11. 3-0 from Maribor, November 2017

After winning 7-0 away in Slovenia, it was expected to be another walk. But Enfield was a bit nervous as Liverpool entered the break nonstop, failing to score from 13 shots in the first half.

In the end goals of Salah, Can and Daniel Sturridge moved to Liverpool back to the group after four games. James Milner saw a penalty saved, and it was Liverpool's fourth consecutive point kick failed.

An early hint of what they would do to Porto, the city and Rome in knockout.

10. 4-0 Star Red Belgrade, October 2018

Although a record strike began in the campaign of 2018-1919, Liverpool rarely produced the previous performances of the previous campaign, when Salah, Roberto Piramino and Sadio Mana scored 10 goals.

They looked back at their best here, while the trio linked well to tear the red star. Salah scored two, and Perimeno and Muna scored one each.

Hoffenheim, August 2017

To be eligible for the Champions League properly for the first time under Clop, Liverpool have to steer a preliminary round against Julian Valelsmann's overachieving young team.

The Reds took an impressive 2-1 lead back to Enfield for the second leg, and all the nerves were put to rest early as they ran into a 3-0 lead to make it 5-1 on aggregate.

An excellent attacking football blended with naive defensive patients will be a sign of things to come to Liverpool in the Champions League this season.

8. Spartak Moscow 7-0, December 2017

Liverpool entered into this facility and should avoid defeat against the Russian champions in order to qualify for the Champions League knockout league for the first time since 2009.

As they did this often, they flew out of traps to race into a 3-0 lead after 18 minutes and did not let the bat complete with another four in the second half.

Each of the front three scored a goal, while Philippe Coutinho scored a trick trick in one of his last appearance in the red shirt.

7.2 PSG, September 2018

Liverpool entered the perfect start of a tough team, for they caused the first defeat of Thomas Tuschl – and so far – only as director of PSG. Storagg The revitalized put them before Milner doubled themselves from the penalty point, and they had to do it more like Marco Vrati, less PSG took a field that does not exist to Anfield.

They almost paid for their profligacy as Killian from Papa made it 2-2 late against the run of the game. But Roberto Piermino, the winner of the excellent injury, turned out to be crucial.

6. 1-0 Naples, December 2018
Many of the survivors of the European corner of Liverpool in recent years have been defined by their glamorous attack, but it was all the headquarters of Virgin van Dyck and Allison's ability to make a decision when they called him.

If Man had not disappeared from two gold opportunities, Clop's men could have disappeared from sight, but had to cross through Salah's declared goal in the first half, where he demonstrated a tone of Kalidou-Koulibaly and beat David Ospina.

Jose Clegg could have won for Naples, but the game will be remembered at the time of Alison's injury against Arkadius Millik.

5. 3-0 Villarreal, May 2016

Liverpool had to turn around a 1-0 loss in Spain, but did the job with a 3-0 win in the second leg and set up a final against Sevilla.

There was a certain amount of capital when the ball removed Bruno Soriano to bring things up early, but they continued to appear in a dominant performance that came on both legs. In the second half of goals from Sturridge and Lallana did the trick.

4. 2-0 Utd Man, March 2016

Klop had not even been at work for six months at this point, but he did remarkably well to instill his vigorous, hard-hitting style on Liverpool and they have to show great performance, completely molded in his image, against their biggest opponents.

Storridge & amp; Gave Liverpool an early lead from the point of penalty after Memphis Deepey had filled Klein, and Pirmino's halfway goal had already reached the second half.

A 1-1 draw at Old Trafford on the second leg ensured a satisfying victory.

Rome, April 2018

There were all the reasons to fear Rome after they stunned Barcelona with a 3-0 comeback of the second leg in the quarterfinals with a physical, brave performance.

However, the high line of Osbio di Francesco was suicidal and the front of the Liverpool three happily took advantage of the opportunity to take advantage of it – Salah received the first two, added third Mana before Framo was Enfield forged with the fourth and fifth.

A breakthrough in concentration allowed the line to reach the goal, while a dubious penalty given to the hand he gave against Milner gave Roma a spark of hope on the second leg at Olympico Stadium, which ended 4-2 to Rome, t the game – but Liverpool did it until the final Kiev.

2-0 Manchester City FC, April 2018

Although she competed with the third division in the final of Liverpool in the 3-3 league championship in January, her first season, the town of Pep Guardiola was very good, because she almost wrapped the league, eventually won with high points goals.

But Liverpool did the same game in a skillful manner, with the goal of Alex Oxleyide and Barbellin putting Liverpool 2-0 in the best of the three.

Seeing the game to deny the target city away introduced a new dimension to their game, which was probably as impressive as what they did in front.

Borussia Dortmund, April 2016

Klop experienced an unbelievable European comeback with Dortmund when they became the Champions League semifinals in 2013 as two injury-time goals against Malaga sent them to the semifinals. He enjoyed enjoying one, but this time it was his former club club to suffer at the receiving end.

Henrich McCitrian and Pierre-American Obamyang left the visitors for two goals in 10 minutes, and the goals away from Liverpool meant forever.

Mamadou Sakho took the lead after 15 minutes to make the score 1 – 3. 15 minutes into the game, Mamadou Sakho struck the ball in the net.

When Lovran met Milner's cross with a distant title, Anfield exploded. From then on, Liverpool have recaptured their aura and Anfield under Klopp.

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