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Rich Swiss Car Lover: My Tesla S model is faster, better, cheaper than any car I own

December 28, 2018 By A guest donor

Originally Posted on EVANNEX.
By Charles Morris

"Agile" Renau, a resident of Lake Geneva in Switzerland, is an expert of the car. A lover of classic American cars, he owned Cadillac 1976, Dodge Kerger, some Ford Mustangs, the SUV Royaber SUV, and the Harley and BMW motorcycles (as well as more prosaic vehicles, including the Hyundai Minivan and the Honda Civic).

For years, he was very skeptical of hybrid cars and EVs, but as most loved for his performance, he was intrigued by Tesla. He took some test drives but was not ready to step on the pedal until one day in 2016 when he went to the launch event for a new Jaguar. There was a model next to the new "Ag" in the parking lot, and that was everyone at the party talking about.

After another test drive and some long conversations with his wife, Mr. Gnarion bought a S70D model dealer at a bargain price of 74,000 Swiss francs ($ 75,480).

He soon became a Tesla preacher, and since then he has been eagerly explaining to anyone who listens to what they need to go too electrically. The performance and facilities of its S model are much superior to any car Mr. Nirindo has. Since getting used to Tesla, he has produced several advanced gas burners, which he now describes as "pieces of garbage" (and more colorful ones).

For more text, photos, and a cost sheet from Marco "Speedy" Jeanrenaud, see EVANNEX or the associated original article.

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