Monday , October 25 2021

Rise of cartels


Narco: The Rise of the Cartels

If you enjoy watching the original television series Narcus, you might find it quite interesting: The Curve Digital site owner has provided us with a narcissus: the rise of window-release cartels.

Q3 2019 Specifically, with the game set to release on both PC and console.

We have narcissus: the rise of cartels releasing a window, but what game in fact?

Action game A turn-based strategy developed by the British British Kog, and Narkus: The rise of the cartels follows the events of the first season; It is even narrated by Al Patron himself.

In terms of gameplay, the game allows players to take on one of two roles: active DEA or a member of the infamous cartel of Madeleine. Leaving it entirely up to them if they bring the cartel or lead it to a new era of prosperity.

In truth, it's all we know at this point. Well, this and the fact that Gaumont (the production company behind the original TV series) is collaborating with Kuju on the development of the game.

Indeed, although a short teaser trailer was released next to today's announcement (which you'll find embedded above), it does not feature any actual game footage.

How it will stack up against the titles of the most popular titles from a purely mechanical point of view, therefore, remains to be seen.

Still, with the likes of XCOM 2 and Phantom Doctrine already available on the platform, the upcoming release of zero mutant this year, now Narcos: the rise of cartels on the horizon, the modern owner PS4 has a pretty decent selection of tactical, turn-based strategy games available to them these days.

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