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Riverdale season 3 will include a leapfrog after a shocking cliffhanger

Note: This article contains spoilers for the mid-season finale of Riverdale. Step carefully.

There were more turns and turns than the Pizzle Rox campaign in the final mid-season Riverdale, And it seems like things are just going to be foreign.

In the final episode of the teen drama, fans watched as any city was put under quarantine following a mass attack in Riverdale High.

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The municipal closure was never going to happen smoothly, and we saw Archie on the Canadian border alone, while Gad found himself stranded outside the city limits.

Riverdale, end of season


We already knew that something "almost biblical" would come down in Riverdale, but now the executive producer of the series, Roberto Aguir-Scasse, has discovered how much the "siege" of the city will be when we return next year.

Aguirre-Sacasa also confirmed another "leapfrog" when the series continues in January – and "different couplings" with it.

"We jumped in the summer time, and in a minute we'll jump when we get back," he explained. "And we'll see what Riverdale was like under closure, and as a besieged city."


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He hints at one of the most significant times, but added: "When we get back, it's definitely Riverdale that has changed, it's Riverdale that has changed a lot."

It's time for some new fan theories, people.

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Riverdale Broadcasts on CW in the United States and Netflix in the UK.

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