Friday , May 14 2021

SpaceX Delays Launching Dragon Charger Next May 1

SpaceX pushed back the dragon cargo mission for NASA this week, 24 hours, with takeoff now targeted for Wednesday (May 1).

The Dragon Ship, which was launched, will launch today to the International Space Station on Wednesday at 3:59 am (4000 GMT) from the 409 launch launcher at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, according to SpaceX and NASA . SpaceX tested the Falcon 9, which will launch the mission on Saturday (27 April).

"Falcon's static test of Falcon's full focus May 9 1st launches from Pad 40 in Florida to Dragon's seventeenth mission to @Space_Station," SpaceX representatives Said a Twitter update On the mission.

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Launching launch one day after a four-day delay of the mission (initially scheduled to launch on April 26) by NASA and SpaceX "due to station and mechanical constraints," NASA officials said at the time.

SpaceX representatives said the company would use the same four days to test the launch vehicle and the Falcon 9 fire test, which briefly opened the first stage engines. Static fire tests are standard SpaceX activity before each launch.

The upcoming mission of Dragon Charger will be Flight 17 of the NASX. The spacecraft will provide more than 5,500 kg (2,495 kg) of fresh supplies, experimental hardware and other equipment to the 59 astronauts currently on the space station.

SpaceX also has a contract to fly astronauts to the station for NASA using the company's new crew spacecraft Dragon, which made its first flight uncrewed test in March.Test flight test system for the Dragon team is expected later this year, followed by a flight of test team by astronauts of NASA.

But before SpaceX can proceed with an abortion in flight, the company must complete its investigation into the April 20 anomaly during the team's Dragon System test. That the anomaly occurred as the SpaceX was to test the Dragon team of eight SuperDraco abortion engines on a test position at Landing Zone 1, one of the two rocket hits of the company at Cape Canaveral Air Force.

Meanwhile, SpaceX is also preparing for another big mission: the next launch of Falcon's huge pitch.

Last week, SpaceX successfully successfully fired the heavy core phase of Falcon Heavy to be used to launch the US Space Mission 2-Mission Test Mission.This mission will include a series of different charges for the US Air Force, NASA, Planetary Company and customers others.

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