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State Computer Games in 2018

Illustration: Sam Wally
Summary of the yearWe look back on highs, lows, surprises, and standouts in and around video games this year.

PC has never had a unique platform like, for example, Playstation or Xbox. Instead, it is a series of different continents that share the same turbulent sea.

While this allows a lot of innovation and experimentation over the years, in 2018 Steam – with its load and toxicity problems – has become less of a pipe and another obstacle for smaller developers. Larger companies, such as Sada and Activision, have meanwhile realized that they can create their own minimum platforms, and many games – be they beasts League of Legends and Portnit Or beasts-in-the-making Warframe and Path of Exile– Be platforms for themselves.

It has been a continuous terrestrial centimeter for years, but this year has resulted in the launch of new stores of major players like Discovery, the most dramatic, epic. Now, with big publishers and small developers alike testing the steam drain of sets, computer games seem to be more fragmented than it has been in recent years – for better or for worse.more options mean more chances for new ideas to flourish and perhaps a new middle class of developers that will appear in it At the moment there is only a ceiling and a floor with a little in the middle, the early Indian golden age never comes back, but something new and less hopeful for the steamship is on the way.


Last year we said that Seat has developed into "huge and terrified gut flops of markets, communities, ideas and systems – some still in use, others devoid of direction or remnants – all stratified on top of each other." A breaking point was inevitable. In many ways Steam of 2018 has been defined by breaking points.

At the beginning of the year, repeated criticism of a handful of publications finally forced Valve's hand on the problem of Steam's hate group. The company imitates almost every racial, antisemitic, and white racist user group, but it never said anything about it, nor did it blur the slack standards that allowed these groups to penetrate a place.

Elsewhere, the review of bombs – now measurable thanks to the charts implemented by Valve in late 2017 – has made the reaction du jour, with players braiding Steam Games with negative reviews on everything from women to historical definitions and price drops that happened too early. Anti-Flip's rhetoric also expanded in new and ridiculous directions, as some Steam users did their best to prove that game developers were lazy and unworthy of basic respect. It's a song that rang in the labyrinths of sets as long as anyone can remember, but each year it gets a bit stronger. In September, Valve announced that it had started its own introspection team, but so far, it did not seem that made a big dent in the problems of steam toxicity.

As the year went by, Valb went on to criticize broad systemic issues, which responded to them with minimal speech (or said nothing) until she released all her pent-up energy in sudden bursts of action. Games like An active shooter– a game that glorified the shooter school – sparked a storm in the mainstream press, and developers made a fuss about inconsistent rules around games containing adult content. In response to these two problems, Valve – instead of putting some of its broad resources into more and more moderate moderation – a new policy has been introduced that will allow any game as long as it is not "illegal or direct." "This decision exposed a series of paradoxes at the heart of Valve's priorities, as we wrote then:

Valve refuses to recognize the political context in which steam exists, even as other social platforms like Facebook face cultural and political account after adopting similar technolibertian ideals. Of course, Valve is aware that things like Nazi groups are a bad thing, given that it disappears by erasing silence whenever they are explicitly mentioned in the press. But there still seems to be a disconnect between this knowledge and Valve's understanding of the cultural and political impact of steam. In embarrassment, however, Valve seems to be very aware of the influence of Steam in other ways. The company clearly understands that the ability to advertise on steam is very important for computer game developers – so existentially, even. "If you're a developer," Johnson said, "we do not have to choose what content you're allowed to create, these choices should be yours." He arranges the whole thing almost in terms of freedom of speech, although Valve is not a government body, and in theory a game that can not break it on sets can simply be published elsewhere. Valve knows that this is the biggest game in the city – a company with almost monopolistic dimensions – but it will only take responsibility for one side of the coin.

Despite the change in policy, Valve continued to keep deleting games from Steam in large batches and enforcing inconsistent rules where sexy games were concerned. In the latter case, Valve started releasing uncensored adult games in September, but it continued to appeal the controversy by quietly removing adult-oriented games that feature young-looking characters. It is safe to say that further growth pains are still ahead on the policy of anything-Steam goes.

All the while, a steam engine was moaning and splitting. Developers continued to see diminishing yields from the heavily loaded, algorithm-driven store, and large publishers such as Sada and Activision chose to skip Siam altogether and set up their own stores for their biggest releases. In December, Epic Games, the creator of Portnit, A game of several steps bigger than the sets launched its store, touting more money for developers (88 percent of revenue compared to 70% of Steam) and less toxic, more controlled environment. At this point, Epic's main strategy seems to be an exclusive aggregator, but some developers – tired of a near monopoly of steam and stubborn liberal ethos – hope an epic can rock the boat. Recently, Valve has increased the amount of money paid to developers whose games will become millions of dollars (but not everyone else), which is all the more incentive for indie games to jump ship.

Still, Steam is still the largest PC game store on the block, and continues to offer developers and users convenience no one else has been able to match. This made some less reactive steps, more proactive in 2018 as well – for example, it has become a powerhouse in China, leading a stream of increasingly popular Chinese games. But with cracks in the armor of steam shows more than ever, it is difficult to say what will bring.

Epic Games Store

On December 4, Epic Games announced that it was creating its digital store, which was officially launched on December 7. Very quickly, the Epiphix store began to produce waves as one of the newest threats to steam (Steam Spy Creator Sergey Galyonkin even worked on the project). The first offerings of the store were limited: while Epic is locking exclusive titles like wistful fantasy RPG which, Supergiant is fantastic as new as crooks The steam, And Super meat and meat forever, In the early days he was a little thin. While the appeal for greater corporate income and moderation is undeniable, it will take some time for the store catalog to grow so much that it will put Steve on the defensive.


Source keeps chugging together, if only because Electronic Arts really want to make it work. While most players may refer to a source as an annoying additional launcher for things like battle field And copies of the computer FIFA, There are still some interesting things going on. The biggest development was the addition of Access Access Premier, a subscription-based service that resembled Microsoft's Xbox Game. At a price of $ 14.99 per month, Premier subscribers get access to a great catalog of games for free early access and new extended releases. You can still get limited early access if you are an original player access, but Premier members are given the game without any restriction. It remains to be seen how this service will pay for EA, but given battle field and anthem If you do not have a DLC season passing, they will likely push heavy premieres in the foreseeable future. did not see many radical changes until 2018, maintaining its reputation as a fair façade by allowing developers to decide how much revenue they share with the store itself. As a result, is still one of the go-to repositories for experimental games and independent developers. has adopted a more active approach to curating than Valve, with the store creator Leaf Corcoran talking against the hands of the steam policy when they were announced. Changes to the directory pages of users encouraging them to rank less-known games encourage users to help small developers gain more exposure, while upgraded branding tools have helped jams and game groups thrive.

In 2018, remained static mainly in terms of features, but it dealt with a number of questions about what exactly, that's all. Among other things, this platform has promoted some dubious streamers in conjunction with inclusive games excessively, But more fundamentally, he continued to crawl slowly beyond the limits of the Blizzard games. After Bungie developed Fate 2 Appeared unexpectedly in Blizzard's back yard last year, Call of Duty: Black Horizons 4 Shouted "Hora" and collapsed through her window this year. With reports suggesting that Activision is triggering increased amounts of pressure on Blizzard and ex boss / front Mike Morhaime out of the picture, ends this year with its identity washed.


Discord has firmly established itself as a go-to chat program for online games, but also as a collection of social spaces and chat rooms. More and more games, including Cyberpunk and PUBG, Have their own official servers for fans to collect in. But the Discord also began to expand their social options and have even entered the store game. It started with Steam as a "Games" tab that allows users to browse games and their friends games. Discord followed this with a store that now sells games like Darksiders 3. It is still quite a limited offer, but some games such as Bad North They are debuting the first on discourses instead of other facades.

Graphics Cards

That's right, graphics cards get their own section! Millionaires will be keen on my "digital currency" such as Bitcoin and Etherium hijacked GPUs to help with their machinations earlier this year after cryptocurrency prices were curtailed by the end of 2017. This affected the stock video card led to a pricing leap. GTX 1080s and other cards, which retail at around $ 550, were almost twice as familiar to third party stores. In March, Nvidia CEO and founder Jen-Hsun Huang noted that the company simply could not meet the high demand.Nvidia and competitors even began their stock as the crypto market moved later this year and since then began releasing the next generation of stupid high graphics cards, For a while in 2018, upgrading the computer was a real pain ass.

The Games

In 2018, PC lacked a unique vulnerability that defined the platform PUBG Made in 2017, but the Battle Royale battle continued to sweep the nation to play not called the PlayStation (or Xbox) – and it swept them, too. Portnit Led the charge, expressed in the famous slander PUBG With a mainstream attention to a player base of over 200 million dollars. Other royal battle games, like Royal Kingdom, Achieved moderate success at PortnitOf the shadow, but it was not until later this year that another Royal Battle, Call of Duty: Black Horizons 4"Blackout", drew the attention of the people Portnit. Well, for a while, anyway.

Outside the Royal Battle bubble, PC titans like League of Legends, DOTA 2, World of Warcraft, excessively, And Counter attack Continued to hold relatively steady, though as something excessively and Wow-Return with new design decisions and their gaming mode. also, Counter attack There is a Royal Battle mode too, and really, there is one living person who has not seen it coming? Other personal computers like Photo 4 From: Arch Six Siege, Warframe /, And Path of Exile Developed in surprising and unexpected directions, and developed into institutions in their rights.

PC ports were, as always, mixed. Heavy hitters like Assassin of Odyssey, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, And Shadow of the grave A solid runner if not always spectacular on the computer, but there were also dubious ports like Chrono Trigger, Of all things. Luckily, Ensex Square finally fixed it, but things were rocky for a while. Even in 2018, PC remains, for some, a lower priority than other platforms. Similarly, we do not have Red Dead 2 / Still, he's a bummer.

Defying all odds, Valve actually released this year's game in the form of Dota 2 Card game object. And while the players praised him for its mechanical complexity and clever translation of the MOBA conventions into card game format, it has been dinged on the reliance on real money purchases in the Steam market. The players count of the game dropped pretty quickly after the launch, which led some to believe it was in trouble. However, its numbers remain relatively healthy for now – even if they are not the same ballpark (cardpark?) As other Valve hits.

PC continued to be a haven for smaller games, despite the crowded nature of platforms as sets put only a handful in a position to make bonafide hits. Despite and because of the evil conservative line, the medieval world RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance Took off at the beginning of the year, although it faded quickly. After four years of early access, the underwater survival game Subnautics Finally launched a broad acclaim. Small end 2017 games like They are billions and Kill the turret Achieve a hit breakout mode, as an ambitious 2018 survival game raft, A gloomy apocalyptic management game Frostfunk, And Castlevania inspired by roguelite Dead cells. The latter is developed by a company that has no bosses and pays everyone the same, and it's as cool as hell.

Most importantly, however, people kept doing cool shit Cities: Skylines.


2019 games of the computer may see how much shake depends on how epic the game store develops and how many Steve shenanigans developers are willing to deal with. Independent artists find more ways to spread work, and we are very far from the days when we have to go through Greenlight.

We've seen some popular games last year, such as PUBG, Begin to fade. In many ways, 2018 was less about the emergence of new trends and more on the establishment of a new status quo among competitors. 2019 could be the year in which we see clear winners.

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