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Super Smash Bros. Character guide: mega man

Mega-man gets fitted!

Super Smash Brothers Giant. Not only in terms of hype and the importance of sales potential, but only in terms of pure things. Nintendo's campaign warrior contains over a hundred stages, almost a thousand songs, and too many Pokemon items and cups help to think about the compressed on a stack you can plan on the go or on TV. When you have as many big franchises as Nintendo, putting them all in one game will make the game a very big boy indeed.

But the biggest and exciting thing Super Smash Brothers It is its consciousness, breathing heart of playable characters. The fighting games pride themselves not only on the power of their mechanics but the power of its fighters, especially such crossover fighters. and Super Smash Brothers Crushing all opponents by including each playable character from all four previous games in the twenty-year series. Include the new fighters and so far we have over 70 warriors wrap our heads around. We are excited, but we are also frightened. So to prepare Super Smash Brothers, Every day, character by character, we create the ultimate guide to all its characters. Today's Warrior: Man on.

who are they?

The Blue Bomber! Mega-Man is a star robot star of the classic platform of action and action platform, a combination of jumping and shooting, some of the only NES games that still hold to this day. There have been all sorts of different types of mega men over the years, many of which appear in the final noise of the mega-man. But this is the original Astro clone child, which recently appeared again on Mega Man 11 After a long pause.

History Smash

When smash Wii U / 3DS made its big debut at E3 2013, it had to highlight a third party star new guest set expectations for everyone's hype. And while he is not as inexplicable as the solid snake, Mega Man is one of the few legendary game mascots to compete with the likes of Mario and Sonic. CGI intro's amazing film is the coolest character seen in recent years, with full respect for its original design.

What looks new at the ultimate?

It's really impressive how accurate they translated the look and feel of the NES mega-man into Brothers Smash. Running and jumping and shooting the same game, and his approach to so many different forces of Master Robot Boss all at once makes all his moves feel like special moves. He even had Shoryuken before Rio joined the fight. All this is especially true final Where the mega-man has been powered up in virtually every area. However, removing many compositions in the dummy (directly jumping from the enemy heads) weakens many previous mega man strategies.

Our hopes?

Mega-man already has a ton of moves, but with so many robots masters they can really make a different mega person with completely different powers, especially since custom moves are nothing more. Maybe that's the way to get a proto man in the game. Or take a page from Tetsunuku vs. Kafkum And let us play roll.

Super Smash Brothers Available now. Read our review of this majestic video game. And for more check out cool games and switch to play that they do not Brothers Smash, Because these definitely exist.














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