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Surprising things you do not know about

Kiernan Shipka on Sabrina Kevin Winter / Getty

Kiernan Shipka has been in business since she was 5 months old. At the age of 19, she continues to impress as one of the youngest actors in Hollywood. Here are some things you might not know about the planet.

She has a black belt in Taekwondo

To use the words of Shakespeare, even though she is small but she is wild. In 5 '2', the star is usually not the highest in the room Sabrina A star does not give a size to interfere. The actress holds a black belt in Taekwondo. She earned a belt in June 2012, meaning she was only 12 at the same time. Talk about impressive.

You might recognize her as a daughter of John on "crazy men"

Spike was tested for Sally Draper when she was six. She continued to play the role for eight years. Show creator Matthew Weiner told W magazine that she would "have had some sort of heartbeat for the show." He went on to say, the only sequel to Mad's men, whom I can imagine continuing the story of Sally Draper. I want to know what's happening to her. And that's because of Kiernan. "

She is a huge fan of Riverdale …

Shipka said Sears that she really is into Riverdale. So much so that when she went to audition for Sabrina, she had to hide how much she adored. It did not help that she went off-watching the entire series before she went to the audition Sabrina. Fortunately she managed to keep her fangirl in check and continue to land the job.

… and she'll go up to the Riverdale / Sabrina Crossover

Fans of both programs know this Riverdale and Sabrina Occurs in the same universe. So it's only natural for fans to want a crossover. And Shifka thinks it's a good idea. She told Kelly and Ryan in a recent interview that the towns were so close together that it was only logical that they know about the crazy things their neighbors were up to.

She is allergic to cats (and she did not find out until she started to shoot Sabrina)

Shifka found out the hard way about her cat allergy. It was during the filming of Sabrina Because she realized she had an allergy. The problem is that one of the main members of the play is a cat. Shifka said to Mears that one day she had disguised herself with her furry star and the next day she was covered with hives. She says it was so bad that there are scenes where she can tell that she had some Benadryl before shooting. She jokes, "[he’s] One of the few players I do not get along with. "

She had her own bulletin board in the Square of Time

Visit the star of the Instagram account, and you'll find Selfie's Star Square time. Behind it is a digital bulletin board that Shipka offers in its new role at Sabrina's chilling adventures. The star gets a kick out of seeing herself on the building – she captioned the picture "Life is strange and amazing."

She feels that Sabrina is inspiring

In an interview with Seventeen, Shifka provided a magazine that she gravitates towards feminist content, this is one of the reasons she is so excited about the show. She says she loves her character so strong a will and a girl that can inspire others.

Her hair was not blonde (or short) when she got Sabrina's job

The fans always knew the actress like a blonde. But she told us that before she landed Sabrina's job she had long dark hair. When she got Sabrina's job, she had to cut it down and return to the blonde. She says, "No complaints! I go down to everything, but I really want my hair to be brown or red."

She sees herself introverted

Although she likes to go out and talk to others, Shipka says she recharges by getting some time alone. Self-care is important to her, and she is careful to do things that will help her get her mind off things. The actress says she likes reading and watching a movie or television. She also makes sure to sleep enough.

You got it – ten things you probably do not know about Kiernan Shipka. Be sure to check Sabrina's chilling adventures About Netflix.

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