Wonder Boy: Dragon Trap is a remake of the system platform. Entrepreneur Lizardcube Has announced That title will come from Android on May 30. Once the game is launched, you will pick it up for $ 8.99, although if you want to save 30% off the retail price, you can pre-register on the Play Store to get this discount.

There is no denying that this remake looks fantastic, thanks to its beautiful hand-drawn graphics. Reviews for the console and the PC edition have remained positive since its release, so if the Android port takes a wrong turn somewhere, it looks like a notable release for any fan of classic platforming action.

This game of remake has been engineered from the original version of System Master, and you can switch back and forth between new hand-drawn graphics and older 8-bit graphics. The story revolves around this adventurer who is infected with a curse. To remove this curse, the player must pass through a selection of land in search of dragons. Once these dragons are defeated, the curse will be removed. Along the way, your character will unlock some different shapes of animals that will be helpful in defeating the enemies of the game, which is a fun mechanic that keeps the game evolving as progress.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon Trap will land on Android as a premium release, meaning no upcoming in-app purchases. Bluetooth controller support should also be included, as well as TV protective support.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon Trap has to appeal to fans of classic platformers, and thanks to its graphics feature you can enjoy the original 8-bit form game or the new hand-drawn and polished version. The inclusion of controller support is also very welcome, as this can be a challenging title, plus it would be nice to sit down and enjoy the game on the TV shield, which should be more suitable for those who prefer a console experience. Overall the release of Android's Wonder Boy: The Dragon Trap sounds like it's designing until the port is solid, so be sure to keep an eye on its official Play Store release on May 30th.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon Trap Valid CSS!
Wonder Boy: The Dragon Trap Valid CSS!

Dotemu bring a modern and classic child prodigy: Dragon Trap for iOS and Android on May 30th

Remake of favorite fans close to a favorite half a million sold through the computer and terminal

"The Dragon Trap, Weston's striking resemblance and the classic adventure of Weston, will invite the mobile players to her hand-drawn world on May 30, on iOS and Android devices, as well as the Nvidia Protector, , For £ 7.49. Those who sign up through the Google Play Store will receive an email notification to receive a huge discount of 30 percent when the game is available.

Mobile matching will offer the full premium experience of one of the hottest genres received in this generation by fans and visitors alike. Redesigned for PC and console in 2017 by Lizardcube, the game has been optimized by Playdigious mobile development studio, including the best iPhone X to display its description, liquid and fluid environments of the earth monster and the bad guys are threatening. The Dragon Trap includes the same beautiful hand-drawn animation from PC and console computers, bringing every moment within its vibrant world to life as shown in this new hand-showable handheld game trailer:

Wonder boy: The mobile version of the Dragon Trap has been adapted for touch screens and will allow players to enjoy an action platformer on the go. Each of the special inclusion innovations will be present, allowing fans to switch between classic and dreaded visuals and audio on the fly, enter retro slogans discovered from the original 1989 edition, and experience Girl Girl's debutable debut.
For more information about Wonder Boy: Dragon Trap on mobile, be sure to follow @Dotemu on Twitter and visit the official website: http://www.TheDragonsTrap.com/.

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