Friday , January 22 2021

The police responded to noise complaints. So they played Super Smash Bros with tenants

It all started with a noise complaint.

Police responded to the call of neighbors complaining of noise.

When the St. Paul police arrived at the home of the Binta Williams in Minneapolis they found a group of young games on Nintendo.

And so they joined.

Williams posted a video on Twitter and Facebook and rushed out to Virali. he wrote:


The officers were moved to the apartment on University Avenue in Minneapolis.

Said Giants Yahoo lifestyle That he and his friends played dumb because they did not want to "harass anyone."

"We're not trouble," he told Yahoo. "We are adults, sometimes we drink beer … We just played."

After they told the officers they played Mario at Nintendo, and that they did it quietly, the police joined them.

I want, "Do you want to play Smash?" And two of them actually raised their hands and left. They are like, "How do you jump?" They played. One of them played Pikachu!

Williams added that it was nice to play with the cops:

It was connected. You see so many videos of terrible results. … I did not try to end up in jail or hurt, or my friends were hurt, or start a fuss. But you know what? I heard the police asking what the brothers smash? Instead of something negative … it was something healthy.

Later, the police praised their officers on the Facebook page:

Our officers are always looking for ways to connect with the community. Sometimes it's safe summer nights. Sometimes it's an improvised game of hoops.

And sometimes they end up bonding on video games.

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