Thursday , January 28 2021

The potential "Black Widow" manager remembers Marvel telling her "do not worry" about the action scenes

With the Black Widow being one of Marvel's most popular film characters in the universe, Marvel Studios made sure to meet with a number of directors before reportedly signing Cate Shortland in order to guide the solo of solo adventure. Argentinian director Lucrezia Martel recently claimed that she had met Marvell in the past about potential involvement with the production, but declined the opportunity, partly because she was told she would not be an active participant in the film's band.

"I got an email from Marvel for a meeting because they were looking for managers Black Widow. So I went to [10th-anniversary] Consolidation. In fact I signed this thing where I can not talk about this encounter. Marvell and other production houses are trying to involve more films, "Martell said in October pioneer. "They also told me, 'Do not worry about the action scenes, we'll take care of it.' I thought, 'Well, I'd love to meet Scarlett Johnson, but I'd also love to do the sequence & # 39; ".

While this is understandable and a frustrating experience for any May, it is said that not to worry about complicated sequences of action seems appropriate to coincide with the Marvel Studios' record.Non Anthony and Rousseau, who wore huge glasses Captain America Civil War and The Avengers: The Infinity War /, Focused primarily on directing TV Sitcoms before joining the MCU. in a similar way, & Nbsp; Ragnarok The career of director Taika Whitetti focused mainly on comedies before a play full of effects.

It is possible that Marvel Studios expressly said that Martel is prohibited from being involved in action scenes, but it is also possible that these comments are intended to alleviate the concern arising from the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčorchestration and complex visual effects stunts.

Martel added: "Companies are interested in artists, but they are still exclusive scenes for male executives, and the first thing I asked them was perhaps whether they could change the special effects because there is So many laser lights … I find them terrible. also The soundtrack of Marvel's films is terrible. Maybe we do not agree on this but it's really hard to watch Marvel. It hurts your ears to watch Marvel movies. "

Although the film turned the opportunity, it did confirm that Marvell's approach to the film would be to offer different perspectives from any other MCU movie.

"I think another director is making the film," said the director. "What I was told at the meeting was: We need a female manager because we need someone who is particularly concerned about the evolution of Scarlett Johansson's character."

Few official details about Black Widow The film has evolved, although it is likely to start shooting next summer.

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