Friday , January 22 2021

"The sights that threaten life" are possible through many of BK's tracks.

Warnings and avalanches were issued for extensive areas of the backcountry of BC, after large snowfall in parts of the province.

The special public warnings of avalanches were made Thursday afternoon for the Lizard Range and Flathead, Purcells, Kootenay Boundary, North Rockies, Southern and Northern Colombia, Cariboos, Vancouver Island, Sea to Sky, South Coast, Southern Coast of the Continent and Northwest Coastal Regions .

They come after a series of storms that brought in significant amounts of snow. Following drought in late November and early December, the snow did not adhere well to the ground.

"Our main concern is that we expect the weather to be cleaned on Saturday," said James Floyer, senior Gulf controller for Avalanche Canada, said in a press release.

"After all this rain in the valleys, users from the back will want to hit thousands, but here the danger is great.

"There is a very weak layer that is now buried between 60 and 150 centimeters. Any collapse caused by this layer will certainly be life threatening."

The BC map shows the areas where special crash warnings have been issued. (Avalanche)

Avalanche Canada says that anyone who reaches higher altitude in the back area needs to be especially careful, including surfers and snowboarders going out of the snowmobilers' rides above or above the line.

The warnings will be in effect until the end of Sunday.

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