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The Vitality Men Center opens the first medical clinic in Idaho to offer testosterone therapy using Telemedicine

Dalton Garden, Idaho, December 12, 2018 Men's Men's Center opened the first clinic Idaho To suggest testosterone therapy through telemedicine progression. The clinic, founded by the Chief Doctor Dr. Dan Getz, Provides 100 percent low testosterone virtual therapy, including testosterone replacement therapy and testosterone testosterone. Dr. Getz is one of the first experts on male hormone to offer 100 percent low virtual testosterone therapy.

Testosterone regeneration therapy is an innovative approach, using prescription drugs that are commonly used to treat male infertility. This treatment option is designed to restore the ability of the body to produce optimal levels of testosterone naturally. Alternative treatment includes prescription drugs containing the hormones the patient's body no longer produces, such as testosterone, progesterone, estrogen or pituitary hormones.

With each new patient, the health team at Vitali will evaluate overall health and analyze laboratory results to determine treatment compliance. Patients who begin treatment are given prescriptions, which are tailored to their specific needs and symptoms. The progress of Telemedicine has enabled the medical staff of the Vitaly Center to see and treat patients for low testosterone in the comfort of their homes, offering a convenient and cost-effective option for quality medical care.

Patients have provided positive evidence of the center's impact on men's vitality. "I've been treated for vitality for more than three years and this treatment made a significant difference in my life, before treatment, my energy levels were low, I was tired for a long time, and I had a hard time getting quality rest, with this treatment I feel That I have a more positive mood most of the time and my sleep improved, I went back to the gym and I really enjoy it! "

The Vitality Men's Center offers free consultation. Subscriptions are provided via video with your doctor on any web-based device. To learn more about low testosterone treatment options and for consultation time, visit

Men's Center

Vitality Men's Center is a medical clinic focused on the treatment of men with low testosterone and was established because Dr. Getz recognized the urgent need for high-quality male medical hormone therapy in the Western Pacific.For more information, visit

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