Friday , January 22 2021

Third Party Gaps in the Switch Game Library linked to the scheduling of the system to reveal

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The switch may be a relatively new system, but again, it's Nintendo hardware that allegedly was shunned by a considerable part of the video game industry, resulting in a number of developers and publishers not even familiar with the hybrid platform.

Following the completion of the 2018 awards game, IGN caught up with Nintendo's US president Regis, Aimé asked why there are just so many gaps in the third side of the switch switch.According to the man himself, it's all up to the timing and the fact that people Probably forget the switch is still not two years old yet.Most of these gaps are because the development on some titles was already underway before the switch even released:

So many, many games that are just launching were also in development before all the calls were with these developers regarding the Nintendo Switch.

Reggie continued to explain how the switch was getting ground with simultaneous launches – reference Mortal Kombat and Race Team Racing. He further noted how Nintendo has proven itself to developers and publishers with a growing installation base:

"Now that we've entered the market for two years, now that we have shown the pace at which we are raising a base for installation, and doing it in the world, this is the second part that means to developers." He said, "Our power in America, our power in Asia, our power in Europe is of crucial importance, which is what creates an opportunity for developers to make sure their content is available in the switch as soon as possible."

Do you agree with Reggie? Is it all up to the timing of Switch Switch and when production on certain third party headers started originally? Do you think this is the main reason why some third-party games skip the switch? Tell us below.

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