Thursday , July 29 2021

This High-Tech Wristband can detect opioid overdose

Photo: Carnegie Mellon University

Opioid overdose is a major health problem in the United States, but a new high-tech bracelet may help doctors identify the warning signs of fatal painkiller responses.

A group of students from Carnegie Mellon University developed the HopeBand, strip by wearing which can sound an alarm, flash repeatedly, and issue a text message alert with the wearer's position if he experiences very low levels of oxygen in the blood, IEEE reported. With this high tech wristband, professional medical care can give a cure to the overdose before it is too late.

"Imagine having a friend who is always looking for signs of overdose, someone who understands your pattern of use and knows when to turn [someone] For help and make sure you get help, "said Rashmi Kalkunte, a student of software engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, IEEE." That's what HopeBand was designed to do. "

Unlike other medical devices, students of Carnegie Mellon University HopeBand is a cheap wearable device to track health people on the go. Under the auspices of Pini Associates, a pharmaceutical consulting firm, students have advanced with a clock-style solution, which sells pulse oximetry as an overdose detector.

Pulse oximetry sensors monitor blood oxygen levels with a very high tech process. They throw LED light through the skin and then detect changes in light absorption. If oxygen levels are low due to a potential overdose, HopeBand evaluates the warning signal for 10 seconds before an alarm sounds.

Although HopeBand can be promising for overdoses, the team still needs to verify if the device can detect warning signs on real people. Despite this challenge, the team used mock inputs to put HopeBand to the test, and the results were positive.

After testing, the team plans to distribute Free HopeBands to opioid users through local needle exchange programs. If this distribution step succeeds, the team will be able to start selling a commercial version of HopeBand between $ 16 and $ 20 in the future.

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