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This Year Drake: Everything from "Plan of God" to Kanye Twitter Visit

Was never within Drake's next decade as a cultural principle of pop, had a year of astronomical peaks and ebb. All the troubles of 2018 were tough on the boy, but it was even harder for fans like me. Since the eighth grade, when I first downloaded So far he had disappeared, Defending Drake in the lunchroom and arguments on the Internet was simply because his victories always exceeded his losses. But this year there were those fans that even hard to die could not make excuses. And even though he reached a career high, he was also involved in a constant drama – losing control of his narrative, unlike before. That's why we had to go through Drake's tough year in the whole season by "SZ" – to determine if the shrunken Turonton walked away with another W for the faithful OVO Brendan Or if Drake caught L indelible in 2018.


The boy returns

For me, the 10 months wait between the releases of March 2017 Another life and Scary hours / In January felt like a 14-year break and suffer old heads through waiting for the follow-up of D & to him Voodoo. I was used to a steady stream of content and Drake flooding the market. Then, in January, Drake made his "long-awaited" return with a project that took his name from the phrase he coined back in his blog era OVO –Scary hours /– for the small hours of the night, when Drake threw new music and caught the attention of the night owls on social media. In his opening delegation, Drake released two new tracks and got the "Drake" of "The Diplomatic Deficiency", and Drake's "The God Plan". The debut of the side A / B structure of the Scorpion, The songs gave us two sides of Drizzy and let fans choose which ones are more gravitated. The "plan of God" was this, and it literally became a sense of night. Drake returned as if he had not left.

Win or loss: W

Drake. . . A Memphis Rapper?

He is Rapps, he sings, he acts, but Drake's greatest gift may be his ability to recognize talent, to recognize waves, and to attach himself to them. In February, he telephoned the rapper "filming" from Memphis, Blokoy GBC, "to see life." Drake reminded everyone that although he claims in London, Houston and Miami, as homes, his roots in Memphis – his father is still born solid city. So much so that no one cared that he'd passed a few lines of Pat Fat to his verse.

Win or loss: W

God (marketing) program?

Earlier this year, Drake's videos divided the Pat Sajak style into excessive testing in high schools and colleges, and dropping a stack at the grocery store for Miami shoppers began to surface online. The videos were viral, as Drake invented himself as a bearded, bearded opera, Nike swaying Oprah Winfrey. Shortly thereafter, it became clear that Drake uses this as part of his video for "God's Plan." The video featured Derrick Tamron in the streets of Miami giving nearly one million dollars in cash. He would have called on the video "The most important thing I've ever done in my career." The endless Prodi video attracted them: children's dances, families kissing the OVO ring, and Ben bragging about the generosity of the Turontonian duo crying his mother's arms. As always, it was another well thought out calculated plan from 6 God. After the video dropped public sentiment swelled in favor of Drizzy and 2018 was shaping up to a year Drake could do wrong.

Win or loss: W

The worst Drake and Travis Scott Colab of 2018

With "God's Plan," Drake was the first song to become Kennedy's most generous tread on US soil, but it was not enough to satisfy his thirst.He had to jump on a spasm and play "Fortnite" with popular movie Ning And Travis Scott Drake, Ning and Travis finally came to smash the twitch records live on that night, despite all the interaction that took place over everything strange and strange.It was a moment later Drake forced Deal with the months of ninja facing him every time he pulled a publicity stunt.Tometimes staying in your path is the best move.

Win or lose: L

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Derrick passes the women's center

A year ago, who could have predicted that Drake and the dubious hair rebel Beatz was a team for New Orleans, inspired, inspired by the empowerment of women? The video "Nice for What" is the vision of the stars of 22-year-old director Kara Evans, who once led videos to another Canadian, Betley, and turned a song that could have slipped into enthusiasm. The video presented who is who Hollywood's A-Listers include Isa Rae, Rashida Jones, Tracee and Alice Ross. Drake plays the video background to let Celebs pick, his presence limited to short photographs of him on roller skates, as if he was a wow Roll bounce.

Win or loss: W

DIG's Drake Clout is booming

"Atlanta" has made an entire episode about the character of Zazzy Beach, Van and her friends going GooniesStyle search for selfie with "champagne and papi" at the mansion. The affair brought Drake to a self-conscious moment in which he even had to admit that his life was surreal.

Win or loss: W

Toronto Raptors Official of the amulet almost gets his ass forever

When Drake, Toronto's global ambassador to Raptors, appears in basketball games, he is often a talking threat. This time, 6 feet, 10 inches, Kendrick Perkins had enough of Aubrey's shit and walked over to him. Drezie was far from looking like Martin after he got knocked, before Jose Calderon and Jay Smith. Interjected. Fortunately for Drake, he was only dealing with the NBA's warning instead of getting two pieced on national television.

Win or lose: L

Pusha-T interferes with Drake's 2018 winning knees

In May, Drake was on the throne of Toronto, which was populated with grapes by Magdalen Verdun and Partinstetdor until Pusat-Tusky, My venom had to come and destroy his fun. Drake was on his way to becoming unbreakable in 2018, but some evil criminal criminals on "infrared" reawakened a war that would change Drake's narrative.

Win or lose: L

Drake returns fire

"I am in shock / sadness, chutzpah" is a way so calm, confused and absolutely disgusting to start the dis route. When Drake dropped the Fushu Dis in his "free blanks" it felt like a breath of fresh air in hip-hop. "Twitter Finger" wars were over, and Drake was giving the helicopter a loose hold on the Pusha. "Duffy," Drake read the lost reason of Fucha to Boss, Kenya ("I can never hold a spy in my circle and hold him back because he makes me nervous"), and asks Fucha's words ("Adam, College kids for Nike and Mercedes / but acting like you're selling drugs for Escobar in the 80s "). But Drake underestimated the opponent's ability and rage, without mentioning the name of Pasha's fiancée at the time: "I'll let you call Virginia like Williams."

Winning or losing: W (but a passing victory).

Pusha-T gets surgical

"Dopey" was good, but Drake City, however, is a monster. A criminal got on his "real detective," and returned calmly with the most studied and famous resistance in the history of hip-hop, "The Adidon Story." Fucha attacked Drake from every angle and raised his entire identity and promised "surgical summer" if Drake wanted more smoke. He forced Drake to burst out and apologize for his friend's illness. But the blow was when Posh found out that Drake was a child in secret before he could announce it himself. For a moment, he thought that the world thought Drake was the worst in the world since Will Smith was jumping on the phone. The Fresh Prince.

Win or loss: (large) L.

Do not go back from App Appology comments

God Application notes apology Reserved for the most desperate rehabs, the last panting image. A criminal left Drake with no choice after using a very real photograph of Aubrey Graham from the days of his game, dressed in black and making hands, then like a caricature of the 1920s like the story of Edidon's Story. Drake had to explain himself, Apologize, And fix the brand that suddenly became unbeatable.

Win or loss: (can not spell "apology" without letter …) L


Degrassi with hockey

After Posh-T tried to break up Drake's legacy, Dreyesi followed him with weeks of silence before emerging from the shadows, with a good sense of "Degrassi: the next generation." All the characters of our favorite soap opera, and for a moment it seemed to him that Drake could wash away the wretched stench that Fucha had left on him, with a nostalgic foaming foam.

Win or loss: W

90 minutes, 25 songs, and a double album = Drake WYD?!

In June, Drake laid 25 damn songs in the world. Scorpion Was longer than the top line drop drop hoodie logo, but it broke every record streaming they could concoct and went platinum on the day.

Win or loss: W

"March 14" – which, according to Drake, was recorded before the drama – saw Drake reflected in a few words his son would hear when he was older. It's basically Drake telling the kid that he's kind of fucked up his brand, but he'll be put up with him. He even expressed his devotion to his son with a recurring tattoo ("I got it for someone, now it's yours") – flattering things.

Win or lose: L

Viral Dance Challenges> Mercyess Rap Disses

Poshat's ring was a distant memory, after the indigram the comedian Xinghi threw him Scorpion "In my emotions", to challenge an irresistible dance. The song itself was just seductive, with the earworm of the opening line ("Kiki, Do You Love Me?"), Guest vocals for City Girls, and a beat that will further film into the New Orleans bounce territory. Carna Evans's film on the song was simultaneously another visual love letter to the city of Madrake, and a clever way to perpetuate the dancing. Even after Fusha's assassination attempt, he continued to come.

Win or loss: W

Drake returns

The thing breaks out on Drake's appearance on the popular BBC radio host of Charlie Sloth that was not his spicy verse but his shirt. He must be the first rapper in velvety velvety style. Besides, Derrick lashed his best impression on "The Upper Child" and reminded us that Drake jumped up on Nando and is one of his strongest forms.

Win or loss: W

Best of Drake and Travis Scott Colab of 2018

Drake and Travis Scott have made six minutes, three parts "Sicko Mode" into the 100 Hot 100 Billboard board. The song Drake did the first person rap on taking the prescribed amount of Xanax, very responsible. It was also his fourth number this year.

Win or loss: W


Drake is too much of a star

Four years ago, Drake showed the sounds his Spanish speakers on a song with Romeo Santos. In 2018 he showed us that he had not lost his nearby Latin touch with his guest appearance on the Latin trap of God Bud Bunny's "MIA". Collab left fans asking, "What can not this man do?" Answer: Rockin "full uniform of college high school basketball.

Win or loss: W

LeBron gives a shoulder to cry

"I never mind, once," LeBron said to an emotional dreary in one of the wildest TV spots of the year. Drake appeared at LeBron's HBO show "Shop" to reveal the side of Fusha meat. Drake was excited about the show, when he described his reaction to the excavations under Foshe's belt in Health Matters of 40: "Somebody will beat you fucking face!" But at the moment of seriousness, Drake lets LeBron know he held what he Claimed that there was an explosion of a "story about Edison" of the Earth, which was too difficult to release, knowing he might disappoint people he admires, like LeBron. It was a sweet, soft TV moment, which had no place in the world of cruel rap meat.

Win or lose: L

the good. Caesar hits music again

At this point, Drake had to simply stopped pushing the animal because Pusha lived for air time as he took the Fudest and Baden on Spotify to take care of things. In the exhibition, Fouche discovered that the main source of Politzer's investigative journalism was a woman with 40 ties.

Win or lose: L

Drake's unofficial power vanished

At a show by Fucha in Toronto in November Mandate From "6" tried to throw beer water at G.O.O.D. President of music, and thought they were protecting the boy's dignity. Things did not go as planned, since their interruption and attempt to speed up the stage resulted in one of them getting stomped into wine while the Pusha-T remained intact. The impulse later returned to the stage for a furious execution of "infrared" in front of a vigorous crowd.

Win or lose: L

Drake joins Blueface's "Meat Show"

Drake was definitely too thirsty at Blueface's IG. But showing enough courage to sign a cooperation Famous for Krip Is a worthy reason.

Win or loss: W

Drake and the Rapture as nothing ever happened

Once sworn enemies, Drake and Humility crushed their flesh and joined forces on the "bad walk" from Mick's latest championship album. The iconic duel he left with the damaged reputation was now a thing of the past. The damage done during the rampage-the discovery of Drake's revelation, and the embarrassment of Miquel's weak answer-might continue to haunt them, but for now they have reduced these headlines to footnotes.

Win or loss: W

Drake is petty

By the end of the year, Danya was fed up with Drake's pettiness and kept on twittering, hot in Drake. Drake's pettiness included: sending Kris's messages to "check" the family, causing hunger for purple amogues, and buying two rows in the front row of the Fusha shows. But all Kenya wanted was that Drake beat him up so they could get things going. Kenya may be here, asking for a simple apology, but his amazing tweets do not make him look like this.

Win or loss: W

Final Conclusion

When 2018 began, Drake appeared undetectable; As of this year, the numbers supported that: four number one records, an album chart, and all milestone videos helped him remain one of the most relevant artists this year. But his meat with Posh-T left Drake looking like a piece sometimes. The rivalry was so slight that it made Drake make decisions that were not counted as desperately as they were. But if Drake's reconciliation with Meek Mill teaches us something, it's easy to get caught up in the momentary drama of rap meat. A year from now Drake and Fusha would be able to fix. Just like Drake and Humility, the harsh words will be part of their heritage, but the intensity of this exchange will diminish. With the end of the year, Drake leaves it surprising and humanly flawed but there is no way Derrick lost in 2018. This year he proved that no matter what is always just one video, a nostalgic trip, dance challenge, or velvet polo away from the revolution we forget everything except music. Win.

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