Saturday , October 16 2021

Thomas Tatar adds speed, "punch" to Montreal and Canadian

Vancouver – Thomas Tatar was not a key part of the box office deal that sent him to Montreal, but he was recruited into a vital role with his new class.

The Habs were looking for the future when they traded their captain Max Paciorety to Vegas Golden Knights in September for the Tatar and Suzuki Chance Nick.

While Suzuki, 19, has yet to crack the Canadian team, Tatar has five goals in its last five games.

"He added a punch to our team," said Claudine Claude's coach and Laine on the left wing on Friday.

"He has had a wonderful approach since the first day, he worked hard, he is on the line that seems to compliment him, we are really satisfied with him."

Tatar spent the tail end of last season with the Knights after the Vegas agreement from Detroit Red Wings on the deadline.

The 27-year-old spent the entire NHL career of Motor City after being selected in the total by 60 wings in the 2009 draft, and tallied three-plus-plus seasons in a row between 2013 and 2017.

He played 20 games for the knights last year, industrious only four goals and two assists.

"It did not really work for me, but I had a great experience," said Teter. "I enjoyed the ride there, it was amazing, we were a step away from the Stanley Cup."

He was out of season, and he knew he had to do some work to jump back. Meanwhile, Candyn's coaches and managers watched how to recover from a futile journey that saw them at the end of the year with a record of 29-40-13, from a playoff point.

"One thing we thought we had, and we just had to add to it, we had a good skating team," said Laine.

Adding the Tatar and Left-Max Domi – acquired from coyotes in Arizona in exchange for Alex Galchenyuk in June – helped the club reach even faster in this league constantly racing speed.

"We're not unique there, there are a lot of quick teams there, we just had to make sure we had the right people instead of following that trend," said Glynn.

Domie, who played in the center of Montreal, and Tatar currently lead the jackpot in scoring, with 23 and 16 points respectively.

"There were some great additions to the team during the summer (Tatar) was one of them," said Laine.

Tatar is quick to shift the credit on its performance.

"I think it's a success on the team," he says. "When the team does well, the people stand, the whole team plays well and we are lucky to achieve enough goals."

The key to this success has been to develop chemistry with his linemates, Brendan Gallagher and Philip Danault. The trio has combined up to 18 of the 63 Montreal goals so far.

"I think we just work pretty hard on a 200-meter game, Gally and Phil do great, they help me a lot, I think the line just clicks," said Teter.

"I'm really pleased with the way we're going now, and we just have to keep the standard."

The loser boasts records of 10-6-3 and is ranked third in the Atlantic Division.

They are currently on a three-stage Canadian road trip that got off to a rocky start on Tuesday with a 6-2 Edmonton loss. Laine called the game in the worst game of the season.

On Thursday, his team fought back, claiming a 3-2 victory in Calgary where Tatar scored the opening goal.

The Canadiens will wrap up the western tour with the early evening game in Vancouver.

The club knows the Knakes have some warm young talents, including rookie Elias Pettersson who has 17 points in his first NHL 15 games.

Every team in the league is getting younger and younger, said Tatar.

"We just have to be ready," he said.

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